Belleville Turnpike Grade Separation – Kearny NJ

The Bureau of Public Roads provided funds for the grade separation of Belleville Turnpike and the Erie Railroad. New Jersey Board of Public Utility Commissioners: “A “Works Program-State Highway Department” project involving two separate grade crossings on which the Board initiated proceedings and… read more

Bellevue Hill Park Improvements – Boston MA

W.P.A. project description: 1938 Massachusetts Metropolitan District Commission annual report: “Blue Hills Division, in Boston; this project provided for extensive beautification work of road construction, sidewalk construction, grading of roadside slopes, drainage, etc. in Stony Brook Reservation, Bellevue Hill Section,… read more

Bellevue Pond Improvements – Medford MA

The W.P.A. conducted the following work at what is now just Bellevue Pond: 1937 MDC annual report: “Bellevue Ponds, Medford; work was started in the late fall of 1937 on a project for improvement and development, as a recreational area,… read more

Bellota Dam – Linden CA

Bellota Dam

In 1929 the Linden Irrigation District was incorporated and established plans to divert  water from the Calaveras River at Bellota, a community about five miles east of Linden,  and create a series of percolation dams to restore the depleted ground water… read more

Belvedere Road and Bridge Improvements – Damariscotta ME

Nobleboro-Damariscotta Bridge and Belvedere Rd. were improved with WPA aid in the mid 1930s. The following information is from a 1937 municipal report: W. P. A. PROJECTS No Appropriations Expenditures: Nobleboro-Damariscotta Bridge [on Belvedere Rd.] Miscellaneous $14.00 Materials $236.04 Truck… read more