Armory (former) Improvements – Gloucester MA

Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.) laborers improved/renovated what was then the Massachusetts National Guard armory in Gloucester. W.P.A. project details: “Repair and improve Armory building” Official Project Number: 165‐14‐2401 Total project cost: $9,042.00 Sponsor: Military Department, Commonwealth of Massachusetts “Make general… read more

Armory (former) Improvements – Milford MA

The Works Progress Administration (WPA) conducted improvement work at the historic armory building in Milford, Mass. WPA project details: “Make alterations to Armory building” Official Project Number: 465‐14‐2‐545 Total project cost: $6,963.00 Sponsor: Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Military Department “Improve Armory” Official… read more

Armory (former) Improvements – Wallingford CT

W.P.A. improvements to the historic former Armory building in Wallingford, CT, included: “Repair and improve state armory building” Official Project Number: 165‐15‐2102 Total project cost: $1,828.00 Sponsor: State of Connecticut Quartermaster General’s Department “Paint and varnish interior and exterior of building”… read more

Armory (former) Improvements – Willimantic CT

W.P.A. improvements to the former Armory building in Willimantic, CT, including: “Paint and varnish interior and exterior and repair building” Official Project Number: 65‐15‐1XXX Total project cost: N/A Sponsor: Quartermaster General’s Department “Construct housing and training facilities” Official Project Number: 165‐1‐15‐146… read more