P.J. Jacobs High School – Stevens Point WI

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P.J. Jacobs High School (now a junior high school) was built by Works Progress Administration (WPA) workers with Public Works Administration (PWA) money between 1936-1938. Until the 1970s it was the city’s only high school. A large, handsome sandstone building constructed in late Art Deco style, the school boasts stained glass windows depicting famous literary and scientific figures over several of the doorways, wide halls, exquisite golden oak wood paneling, marble window ledges, ceramic tiles representing the technology of the times, terrazzo stairs, and chandeliers that hang in the main entrance hallway. Outside, over one of the entrances, the word, “Opportunity,” is carved in stone.

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Two handouts provide this contributor by the school secretary.

Project originally submitted by Sheila D. Collins on December 11, 2015.

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2400 Main St.
Stevens Point, Wisconsin 54481

Location notes: P.J. Jacobs is situated on Stevens Point main thoroughfair, Main Street, an extension of U.S. highway 66 that bisects the city. It is located near Goerke Park and the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point branch.

Coordinates: 44.524213, -89.563626

One comment on “P.J. Jacobs High School – Stevens Point WI

  1. Ken Farmer

    Your statement, “until the 1970’s it was the city’s only high school,” is not accurate. Both Pacelli and Maria High Schools existed long before the 70s. Pacelli was built in 1955. They were merged into a single co-ed high school in the 70’s. If you meant PJ’s was the only city-owned high school until the 70’s, that’s not true either for this would imply that starting in the 70s more than one city-owned high school existed. That has never been the case.

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