Oswald West State Park (Short Sands Beach State Park) – Manzanita OR


Oswald West State Park, known for its quiet, secluded beach and its picturesque trail system, was established in the early days of the Depression. At that time, it was known as Short Sands Beach State Park. A Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Camp was located within the park from 1939 through 1941. During those years, the CCC enrollees worked primarily on developing the park’s trail system.

The CCC Camp improved the park property as work on the Neah-kah-nie section of the Coast Highway (Highway 101) underwent construction. Before the nine-mile section of road between Cannon Beach and Manzanita opened, access to Short Sands Beach was limited and the State Park Commission worked primarily on property acquisition. As a 1937 article in The Sunday Oregonian reported, expectations for the park’s future were closely tied to completion of the adjacent section of Highway 101.



Source notes

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Location Info

41501 - 41509 Highway 101
Manzanita, OR 97130

Location notes: Oswald West State Park lies on either side of Highway 101 north of Manzanita OR. Short Sands Beach is about a half mile walk into the park from Highway 101. Neahkahnie Mountain is on the southern side of the park.

Coordinates: 45.76234985440777, -123.96574097701992

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