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“The federal government’s New Deal programs, specifically the Works Progress Administration and the Public Works Administration, also played a direct role in Rock Hill’s economic recovery. Building projects included … York County Hospital …” (sc.gov)

“The hospital which accommodates both white and colored patients opened May 20, 1940. It is modernly equipped, including X-Ray units, air conditioned operating and delivery rooms. A school of nursing is maintained.” (cofc.edu)

“The York County Hospital (2268), financed with county bond money, was another prominent Modernist building. When erected in the late 1930s, the hospital stood just outside Rock Hill’s city limits in the Town of Ebenezer. It included sixty beds, a nursing school, and state-of-the-art equipment. Its simple Modern exterior included evenly spaced windows, belt courses between the first and second floors, a simple cornice, and a canopied entrance. Expansion has changed the original character and orientation of the hospital, adding a new entry with its sweeping 1950s canopy. The original Modernist simplicity of the building was continued in its additions, however, including the spare surfaces ornamented with simple belt courses.” (sc.gov)

The exact location and present status of the old hospital and nurses home is unknown to Living New Deal; however, it is believed that the facility is no longer extant. Additional sources state: “Fewell Park (2270-2274; 2288-2309) originally comprised about seventy acres and is located on the east side of Ebenezer Road, just south of the former York County Hospital.” (sc.gov)

Source notes

City of Rock Hill Historic Resources Survey Update ... August 2004 
https://nationalregister.sc.gov/SurveyReports/rockhill.pdf (page 23, 52, 67)


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Rock Hill, SC

Location notes: Approximate location

Coordinates: 34.949515, -81.041352

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  1. Expanded former York County hospital is now a rehab center located at 101 Sedgewood Dr, Rock Hill, SC.

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