Sayville Library Assistance and Improvements (demolished) – Sayville NY


The Sayville Library in 1940 was having staffing problems because of the depression. The National Youth Administration came to their aid when two workers from this group assisted [Librarian Elinor] Haff and her secretary with cataloging, processing, repair, and shelving of books. A larger project was undertaken by this same group when twelve of their workers repainted the exterior of the Sayville Library in the summer of 1940. The Trustees were pleased with the work and the local National Youth Administration project supervisor noted that “the job of painting a surface of 9,600 square feet gave the N.Y.Y. [sic] boys assigned a valuable amount of experience and training.” When the library was ready to purchase a charging desk in October of the same year, they commissioned the National Youth Administration to build them one at the cost of $65.00.”

The WPA provided further subsequent assistance:
“Two Works Progress Administration workers under the sponsorship of the W. P. A. Library Extension and Assistance Project were assigned to work under the direct supervision of Mrs. Haff at Sayville.”

The library building from this time was later demolished and replaced with a new structure in 1965 at the same site. The library has since relocated.

Source notes

"A History of the Sayville (New York) Library from 1914 to 1967," by Lila Lukoski:

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on March 6, 2014.

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Location Info

11 Collins Ave
Sayville, NY 11782

Coordinates: 40.7357707, -73.0802615

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