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Two murals by the Italian born American artists Peppino Mangravite were painted for this post office with funding from the Section of Fine Arts in 1939. “Youth” and “Family Recreations” together show more than 130 figures participating in a range of seaside activities. “What Mangravite depicted was the busy, carefree image of middle-class America enjoying a vacation at the shore before the Depression. It taps into the period of time when Atlantic City was the ‘Queen of Resorts’… (

The post office containing the murals has been demolished. According to a website devoted to Peppino Mangravite, murals have been restored by Parma Conservation in Chicago and relocated to a new site.

Source notes

Originally posted in the New Deal Art Registry:, accessed November 14, 2014.

Peppino Mangravite: Murals, Atlantic City:

Project originally submitted by The Living New Deal on July 24, 2013.
Additional contributions by Joseph O'Connor.

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Location Info

1701 Pacific Avenue
Atlantic City, NJ 08401

Coordinates: 39.359426, -74.431695

One comment on “Post Office (demolished) Murals – Atlantic City NJ

  1. Joseph OConnor

    According to one of the sources for this entry,, although the Atlantic City post office building has been destroyed, the murals inside were removed prior to demolition, and as of 2014, were being restored in expectation that they would be reinstalled at another location in Atlantic City.

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