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This classic Post Office building was constructed in 1940. “An article from the Mountain Democrat quotes Postmaster Joseph Scherer as having receipts of $28,928 for 1936 — an increase of more than a thousand dollars. “This continuing increase is a good argument for a new post office building,” the newspaper proclaimed. By 1940 the cornerstone laying ceremony for the new two-story steel and concrete Federal Building was held at 515 Main St., with Postmaster Anna Scherer officiating. In addition to the post office, which occupied the entire first floor, the new building housed the IRS, Department of Agriculture and office of Plant Quarantine. In keeping with Federal Works Agency policy to decorate public buildings, San Francisco artist Tom Lewis was commissioned to execute a mural. The 4-by-14-foot oil painting depicting a forestry conservation theme, is listed in the National Fine Arts Inventory in Washington, D.C., and is still on display in what is now the District Attorney’s Office.”

A new post office was built in 1969 and the District Attorney occupied the building. Due to the structure falling into disrepair, and having limited parking space, the DA’s office was moved in December 2017. The building is now vacant and El Dorado County is considering what to do with it. Extensive repairs will have to be done before new tenants can move in though.

There is a 1939 cornerstone with PM James Farley listed. A bas relief of the eagle symbol over a Roman Fasces in gold leaf is over the door.

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Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on November 7, 2018.

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Location Info

501 Main St.
Placerville, CA 95667

Coordinates: 38.7296568, -120.79883

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