Post Office (former) – Greer SC


“The Greer Post Office, constructed in 1935, is architecturally significant as an excellent example of a New Deal-era Colonial Revival post office produced by the Public Works Branch of the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Architect Donald G. Anderson of New York City designed the Greer Post Office under the administration of Louis A. Simon, Supervising Architect of the Department of the Treasury. The Greer Post Office reflects the designs favored by the Treasury Department at the time, exhibiting a restrained Colonial Revival style with minimal ornamentation. The new post offices in South Carolina built during this era reflect the ‘dignity’ and ‘economy’ observed in new public buildings by Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau, Jr. The post office is also significant because it includes a mural by artist Winfield R. Walkley, ‘Cotton and Peach Growing,’ depicting African-Americans harvesting cotton and peaches from area fields and orchards, two crops that were plentiful in and around Greer. It is one of thirteen murals commissioned by the Section of Fine Arts of the U.S. Department of the Treasury during 1938-1941 for South Carolina post offices and federal buildings. The building served as a post office until 1964, when a new, larger post office was dedicated, then functioned as Greer City Hall from 1968 to 2008, and currently serves as the Greer Heritage Museum. Listed in the National Register January 31, 2011.”   (

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Project originally submitted by Claire Stringer on February 7, 2014.

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Location Info

106 S. Main St.
Greer, SC 29651

Coordinates: 34.9381776, -82.22800660000001

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