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The old Jersey City Medical Center complex along Montgomery Avenue was constructed in stages beginning in 1928. Several buildings at the facility were constructed as part of federal Public Works Administration projects during the Great Depression. “After its completion in 1941, the Medical Center was the third largest health care facility in the world.” Medical institutions including the B.S. Pollak Hospital and Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital contributed to the larger Jersey City Medical Center complex. The buildings that contributed to the Medical Center have all since been re-purposed; most are now privately owned and used for housing, with the bulk of the former complex now known as The Beacon.

“The Jersey City Medical Center included such architectural and designer trappings as marble walls, terrazzo floors, etched glass, decorative moldings and glittering chandeliers, and had one of the most famous maternity wards in the country – the Margaret Hague Maternity Hospital. The formal dedication of the Medical Center Complex, the B. S. Pollack Hospital, was on October 2, 1936, with Franklin D. Roosevelt dedicating the building.” (Wikipedia)

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Location Info

Beacon Way
Jersey City, NJ 07306

Location notes: Roughly bounded by Montgomery Street, Cornelison Avenue, Dupont Street and Clifton Place, and Baldwin Avenue.

Coordinates: 40.722, -74.064

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  1. Martin Lavengood

    But let’s not forget that the man responsible for this medical complex, Frank Hague, the mayor of Jersey City, was of the most corrupt political bosses in the history of American Politics. During his reign no one in the state of New Jersey got elected or appointed to anything without his consent. He lived in splendor in a Park Avenue apartment and a house in Florida in the winter time. He stole the state and federal government blind to line his own pockets and the people who ran his Democratic machine. In Roosevelt’s 1932 Presidential race his first rally was in New Jersey because Hague promised a million people at the event which he organized.

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