George Cromwell Recreation Center (demolished) – Staten Island NY


“In 1934, the Works Progress Administration (WPA) converted an eleven-year-old pier into a waterside recreation center at a cost of one million dollars. … Opened in 1936, the George Cromwell Recreation Center soon came to play a vital role in Staten Island’s sports and recreational activities. President Roosevelt hosted a gala ball there in 1939, and Sugar Ray Robinson fought his last amateur fight there in 1940.”

“(…) the city took $1 million from the federal Works Progress Administration, which was headquartered at the pier, to convert the structure — known as Pier 6, located on Murray Hulbert Avenue — into a multi-use recreation center.”2

“(…) the center was named after George Cromwell, the borough’s first borough president, who served from the consolidation of the borough with the city in 1898 until 1913. Cromwell died on Sept. 17, 1934, age 74. Ten days after opening, the center held its first dance, with 1,422 people in attendance. Control of the facility was transferred to the city Parks Department in 1938.”2

The center is no longer extant:
“Following the closing of the recreation center in early spring of 2010, portions of the dock and recreation center collapsed on Wednesday, May 26, 2010.”

The City plans to rebuild the center on the site of the Lyons Pool parking lot:

“The demolished Cromwell Recreation Center could be replaced by a new facility built on top of Lyons Pool’s parking lot under a new plan developed by the city. The Parks Department is proposing a $90 to $100 million addition to Lyons Pool, which is across the street from the center.”3

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Location Info

Murray Hulbert Avenue
Staten Island, NY

Coordinates: 40.637180, -74.073436

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