Garment Factory (former) – Roosevelt NJ


“Five hundred acres of the 1,200 acre tract were to be used for farming, and the remaining portion for 200 houses on 1/2 acre plots, a community school, a factory building, a poultry yard and modern water and sewer plants.

…terms were reached with the International Ladies’ Garment Workers Union when it was agreed that the Jersey Homesteads factory would be a new cooperative run by the settlers themselves, so would remove no union jobs from New York.

Jersey Homesteads was set up as a triple cooperative, comprised of a farm, retail stores and a factory. The farm, consisting of general, poultry and dairy units, was known as the Jersey Homesteads Agricultural Association, and, like the other cooperatives, was run by a board of directors. The retail stores–a clothing store, grocery and meat market, and tea room–were run by the Jersey Homesteads Consumers’ Cooperative Association. The Workers’ Aim Cooperative Association had overall responsibility for the factory: the trade name for its products was Tripod, signifying the triple cooperative. In the spring of 1936, machinery was procured for the coat and suit factory, managerial and sales forces were hired, and showroom and office space was rented in Manhattan…”

The original building is still standing and houses a number of activities including an artist’s studio and Action Packaging Automation.

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Location Info

Oscar Drive and North Valley Road
Roosevelt, NJ

Coordinates: 40.2217873, -74.46757639999998

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