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The former Phoenix Federal Building and Post Office (now owned by ASU) was designed by Phoenix architectural firm Lescher and Mahoney in the Spanish Colonial Revival style. Construction had begun in 1932, before the advent of FDR’s presidency (and thus prior to the New Deal); however, the building bears a 1935 cornerstone, which places it well within the time of FDR! Wikipedia explains:

“A site was chosen in 1931 and Phoenix architects Lescher and Mahoney were commissioned to design a six-story building that was intended to house all of the federal services in the city. Construction was begun on the foundations. For a variety of reasons, including the unexpectedly high cost of land acquisition, the design for a three-story rather than a six-story building was submitted to the Treasury Department for review. By the time construction bids were again sought, the building had assumed a Spanish Colonial Revival appearance and two story height. The building opened on September 29, 1936 of that year when the post office began operations in its new home.”

Completed in 1936, the building also houses examples of New Deal artwork.

Source notes

"The New Deal in Arizona: Connections to Our Historic Landscape," University of Arizona, The New Deal in Arizona Chapter of the National New Deal Preservation Association.


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Location Info

522 N. Central Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85004

Coordinates: 33.454354, -112.074471

One comment on “Federal Building and Post Office (former) – Phoenix AZ

  1. Donna J Reiner, PhD

    I believe that the building is owned by the city of Phoenix, not ASU. ASU occupies a major part of the building, but the Post Office still operates there.

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