Municipal Work – St. Albans ME


Much work was done by the New Deal in this small town of 1,018 (population 1930)

The 1934-35 town report mentions E.R.A. and C.W.A. help on road work projects. Amusingly, the report of the school supervisor complains about all the Federal help for roads but nothing for the schools in town.

The 1935-36 town report mentions $150 being raised in connection with a W.P.A. sidewalk project.
The school superintendent wrote “On December 27th Mr. Crocker of the School Committee, Mr. Carson of the Board of Selectmen, and myself, went to Augusta and entered a project for school building improvement
under the WPA. The project provided for interior
painting and repairs at the Village, a new floor at the Lang building, interior painting at the Five Corners. Work begun on this project on February 18th. The cost of labor is provided by the federal government. The town pays for the materials. When a project is once begun it usually may be extended a reasonable length of time while necessary work needs to be done.”

The 1938-39 town report mentions $7,500 in town debt as part of the share of a P.W.A. school project.
“Through the aid of a P. W. A. grant from the government and the voters of St. Albans, it has been possible to completely modernize and to build a two-room addition on the Village Grammar School building [no longer extant]. The major features include a new foundation wall and a basement under the old building, steam heating plant, drilled well with water under pressure, drinking fountain, ample toilet facilities, modern lighting system and up to date class room equipment. It is anticipated that the building will be ready for occupancy sometime in March. This generous contribution which the citizens of St. Albans are giving to the education of their children proves that the people o f St. Albans are interested in the best education possible for their posterity.”

An Emily Rideout is listed as signing up workers for the W.P.A.

Source notes

Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of St. Albans, Maine

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on January 24, 2017.

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Location Info

St. Albans, ME 04971

Coordinates: 44.9100606, -69.41004750000002

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