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“In September 1936 a devastating flood swept down the South Concho River, inundating much of the city of San Angelo. Among the many properties lost or severely damaged were the city’s parks and its public swimming pool. Plans were made to rebuild the parks and construct a new municipal swimming pool, but a bond election held in 1937 to finance the project was defeated by the voters. Once it was determined that the federal government would assist with Works Progress Administration funds and labor for the project, a new bond election was held and passed by sixty-six votes. Work on the project began in March 1938 and was completed in October. Opening ceremonies were held on April 29, 1939. During its first two days of operation, the pool hosted 795 swimmers. Designed by John G. Becker, the Pueblo revival complex features a two-story hexagonal stone structure flanked by one-story wings. Exposed vigas are symmetrically placed on the upper portion of the wings. The complex reflects the 1930’s construction and planning activity of the Federal Works Progress Administration. RECORDED TEXAS HISTORIC LANDMARK – 1989”

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Location Info

Avenue A
San Angelo, TX 76903

Coordinates: 31.456575, -100.433719

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  1. My grandmother worked in the wpa sewing room in San Angelo, Texas. Do you have information about it?

  2. My grandmother worked at a sewing room run by the wpa in San Angelo, Tx. I have a dress she made. It is numbered and says wpa.

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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