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Throughout the New Deal, various agencies contributed to the improvement of Jaffrey, a small town of 2,800 (1930 Census) according to annual town reports.

“Through an arrangement with the District Nursing Association and the State Supervisor of Health, Miss Margaret Harris began work as School Nurse December 1st. All pupils have been thoroughly examined and follow-up work carried on. Miss Josephine Cassidy, a graduate of Keene Normal School, was assigned to this union as a C. W. A. worker, and assisted Miss Harris from Dec. 1st until Feb. 15th.”

Classes in Adult Education, carried on as a Federal Emergency Education Project, were started in January. A large number desired to enroll in the courses offered in commerce but the State Department of Education had no available teachers for this course. Classes were organized in English and Mathematics with Mr. John E. Bastille of Peterborough as teacher, and are meeting three evenings each week Thirty-six adults have been enrolled and the interest in the work has been sustained.

Highways and Bridges 6 people employed
W.P.A. ——— $2,740.08 [town share]

Outlay for New Construction and Permanent Improvements 4 people employed
W.P.A. ——— $462.70 [town share]

DETAIL NO. 13 E. R. A. Maintenance
$2,000.20 20 people employed [town share]

W.P.A. — Work Relief $6,833.43

Highway Improvements W. P. A.
Upper Dublin Road, Turner Hill Rd., Howard Hill Rd., Gilmore Pond Rd., Fassett Rd., LeMay Rd., Mills Rd., Fitzwilliam Rd., Various Roads.

DETAIL NO. 17—Mountain Reservoir Tract
4 employed $113.00 [town share]

DETAIL NO. 32—Sewer Construction W.P.A. K. K. Village
5 employed $601.55 [town share]

Report of the School Superintendent
“The high school building was thoroughly painted during the fall term. This work was delayed until after the opening of school as it was a Federal Project, and the workers could not be transferred to this project until September. The grounds at the rear of the high school were graded and drains were put in. This work greatly improved the playground at this school.”

W.P.A. — Work Relief $5,331.65 [town share]

DETAIL NO. 15—Highway Improvements W. P. A.
Fitzwilliam Road, New Ipswich Road, Moth Work, Squantum Road, Mills Road, Carey Road.

Report of the School Superintendent
“The matter of greatest interest to the citizens of Jaffrey is the erection of the new school building for the first six grades. Action was taken at the school meeting in March, 1937, to prepare for the building, should the Federal grant come through. The final action was delayed in Washington and the March meeting was held open by frequent adjournments until October 5th
when the official notice was received from the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, that the sum of $52,335.00 had been granted. To meet this grant the school district on that date voted to increase their appropriation from $60,500.00 to $64,000.00, and the issue of bonds to that amount was authorized.
After the final bids were accepted work was begun on December 21, 1937, and during the Christmas vacation the brick portion of Union Hall was taken down and rooms for two grades were prepared on the upper floor of the Annex.”
“Among the alternate rejected for lack of funds were
those providing for finish grading and drives and concrete walks. It is expected that this work can be done as Works Progress Administration projects.”

15. W.P.A. $5,297.52 [town share]

DETAIL NO. 15—Highway Improvements, W. P. A.
Squantum Road, New Ipswich Road, Fitzwilliam Road District flood damage, New Ipswich Road Flood Damage, Thorndike Pond District flood damage, various roads flood damage.

W. P. A. $3325.01 [town share] W. P. A. Sewing project $706.95
W. P. A.—Burning Brush $527.23
W. P. A.—Grading School Grounds $1,817.06

Town Expenses
W.P. A. $7,752.38
W. P. A. Sewing Project $1,787.13
W. P. A.—Burning Brush $64.13
W. P. A.—Road Construction and Improvements —Prospect Street, Aetna Street, Stowell Road, McSkimmon Road, Fitzwilliam Road, Brooks Street.
W. P. A.—Sewer Construction Main Street and Bradley Court
“Whereas, Experience in the past has shown the necessity of Flood Control in the Contoocook Valley; and Whereas, the Federal Government has recognized this need by making engineering studies in the area, authorizing the construction of a flood control dam on the Blackwater River and contemplating a dam on the Contoocook
River near West Hopkinton; therefore Be It Resolved, That we, the voters of Jaffrey in town meeting assembled this twelfth day of March, 1940 hereby approve the principle established by the Blackwater River dam for control by dams on tributaries rather than by dams on the main River near its mouth; and request an extension of that principle by construction of similar works on the upper tributaries of the Contoocook, thereby giving protection to the entire Contoocook Valley;
and be it further Resolved, That copies of these resolutions be transmitted by the Town Clerk to the Secretary of War, the Secretary of Agriculture, United States Senators H. Styles Bridges and Charles W. Tobey, United States Representative Foster Stearns and Governor Francis P. Murphy.
This resolution was seconded and unanimously carried.”

Source notes

ANNUAL REPORTS of the town officers of JAFFREY, N. H. 1933 to 1940

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on November 22, 2014.

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Location Info

Jaffrey, NH 03452

Location notes: General location marker for Jaffrey

Coordinates: 42.814, -72.023

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