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Mission San Jose y San Miguel de Aguayo was first established in 1720, moved to another site briefly, and then was reestablished at this location in 1740. The site is near a ready source of water, later known as the San Antonio River. Franciscan priests came on behalf of the Spanish government to establish missions among the Coahuiltecan Indians. The Mission was four miles south of Mission San Antonio de Valero (the Alamo). Three more missions would be relocated nearby in 1731. San Jose would later be known as the “Queen of the Missions” due to the ornate carvings and art work on both the exterior and interior of the buildings. The buildings and the grounds were admired for their beauty. The Mission was secularized in 1824 and fell into disrepair after various uses. Efforts of the San Antonio Conservation to buy small surrounding parcels of land initiated the restoration effort. The county agreed to re-route surrounding roads and the state agreed to re-route a new highway that would have crossed the newly discovered remains of the perimeter walls. In 1931 they secured the granary property and starting in 1933 were able to rebuild and restore the grounds of the Mission through efforts of FERA, CWA and the WPA the mission walls and Indian quarters were re-built. The granary was also restored. Today the mission is part of the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park.

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Contributor's comment: I've visited the Missions on several occasions since I live here and love to share them with visitors.  I have beautiful memories of different visits.  I was surprised to learn that most of the mission we see today was from a re-construction project of the New Deal!

Fisher, Lewis F. The Spanish Missions of San Antonio. San Antonio: Maverick Publishing Company, 1998. book.



http://www.saconservation.org/OurHistory/PropertiesPurchased/CessionedProperties/tabid/154/ArticleID/52/ArtMID/531/The-Granary.aspx (note that some of their information conflicts slightly with other sources)

Project originally submitted by Elizabeth Hilburn on March 16, 2013.

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6701 San Jose Dr
San Antonio, Texas 78214

Coordinates: 29.3614003, -98.47834539999997

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  1. The Mission was established in 1720, and moved to this location in 1740.

    • Elizabeth, Thanks for your comment — can you send us a source we can cite for this correction?

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