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“The most interesting site though was the 700 acre Mendocino Woodlands State Park located in the Jackson State Forest about 8 miles east of Highway One. The site is long, narrow and steeply sloped. See map of camp 1 above.

The first building encountered is the dining/recreation room. The kitchen has a high, beam ceiling with a skylight, and off that central space there are two dining areas each with its own stone fireplace. From the kitchen, double doors lead out onto stone steps and an outdoor eating area. This building and all of the others at the camp were built in the 1930s by the WPA and CCC, which were created by President Roosevelt during the depression. All are constructed of old growth redwood milled from the site. Even the tables and bench seats in the dining hall were constructed by the CCC crews.”

The CCC also built campfire centers in the area.

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Location Info

39350 Little Lake Rd.
Mendocino, CA 95460

Coordinates: 39.323005, -123.733184

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  1. I spent many summers of my youth at Timbertall YWCA camp which was the furthest down the dirt road and at that time at the end of the road. We were told about the CCC and WPA projects that built the beautiful facilities that we enjoyed for many years and are still being used all year long. We had a swimming pool filled with creek water always very cold and with mossy rocks around its edges. It has been filled in and the main building has been electrified and half remodeled in a very non-ccc way so it is losing it’s heritage style. This was done because of money, which has always been problematic.

  2. I am the new Executive Director of the non-profit that operates and maintains the Woodlands Camp for California State Parks. In response to Ms. Morey’s comment, I offer the following information. The swimming pool was filled in because the Department of Health required that the water be chlorinated. The water in the pool came directly from and was returned to the North Fork of the Big River, the stream that runs through our camp. The stream hosts coho salmon and steelhead runs each year. Release of chlorinated water into the stream was therefore also not allowed as it would have destroyed the native fish. The Camp had no choice but to remove the pool. Lighting was added to all the buildings for safety and accessibility. We have many camping groups that include the elderly or handicapped campers. We do the best we can at balancing the character of the camp and maintaining a natural setting while ensuring the safety of the public. Re-modeling of the buildings has not been done, and certainly not in modern fashion. The Camp and the heritage buildings are a National Historical Landmark. All renovation and restoration work is done under federal requirements for such buildings and is done under the guidance and approval of the State Parks Restoration authority. It is likely Ms. Morey saw the recently replaced entryway lintel and arbor in front of the dining hall. This structure and the attendant railings had fallen down years ago and had not been replaced, so it may well have not been there when she was attending camp. The structure was re-built exactly as had been the original, following the original design and using the original materials. Some additional work done on the building was actually reversing some modifications that had been made before we were designated a Historical Landmark. This work actually restored some features of the building to the original design. While money is always an issue in historical preservation, the Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association has worked to preserve and provide access to this national treasure for over 60 years. We will continue to be dedicated stewards of the Woodlands Camp. Visit our website at


    Doug Burger, Executive Director
    Mendocino Woodlands Camp Association
    P.O. Box 267
    Mendocino, CA 95460
    Telephone: 707-937-5755
    Cell: 707-357-3586
    [email protected]

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