Memorial Park Pavilion – Fort Wayne IN


“A significant addition to the park occurred in 1941, with the construction of a large stone pavilion on high ground west of the memorial grove. Architect Leroy Bradley designed the pavilion, and the Works Progress Administration (WPA) provided the labor and materials. The stone was salvaged from old foundations, sidewalks and bridge abutments, and hand-hewn oak beams supported the roof. The west wing of the pavilion was designed to house a park caretaker, and the east wing contained restrooms.”

“the WPA picnic pavilion is an important historic structure and provides evidence of the Depression recovery period of influence on Fort Wayne’s
parks. This structure should be cared for accordingly, with measures taken to preserve this historic building and rehabilitate it in a sensitive manner. For example, when the original triple bays on each side of the building require replacement, the detailing of these doors should be reconsidered to provide a more spacious and transparent feeling for these large openings. This spacious effect may be aided by reducing the size of the moveable surface in these large openings and providing some fixed panels of wire glass, glass block or other durable transparent material around the moveable doorway element. ”

“This is a massive, rectangular plan one and a half story building made of rock-faced, irregular coursed limestone. The stone is
joined with grey mortar, slightly pointed. The north elevation has five bays in the main wing, consisting of three which were formerly open and reached from floor to ceiling. These are now closed. Flanking them, recessed slightly are double, four over six fixed light windows. These appear to be replacements, but of a style and scale similar to this period. Two one story flanking wings each contain smaller windows, formerly casements, now blocked with wood. The one on the west has screens over windows and serves as a bathroom. There is a massive square chimney which rises above the roof line of the main building. The roof is hipped with hip-on-gable ends at the roof line. The side wings are also hipped. Wide friezes separate the eaves from the walls. The fenestration on the north and south facades are alike.”

Source notes

Newspaper articles from the Parks and Recreation Department scrapbook dated August 1941, vol. 1944.

National Register Listing, Fort Wayne Park and Boulevard System Historic District

Project originally submitted by Andrea Kern on February 16, 2017.

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Location Info

Memorial Park
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

Coordinates: 41.075835, -85.100157

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