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Max Starcke Park is a 227 acre park located along the Guadalupe River. It is the main municipal park in Seguin. The land was a pecan orchard prior to the park’s dedication in 1938. The park was designed by Robert H.H. Hugman and built by the Works Progress Administration and National Youth Administration in 1937 and 1938. It was named for Maximilian (Max) Hugo Starcke who served as an alderman in Seguin from 1909 to 1912 and as mayor from 1928 to 1938.

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Location Info

600 River Drive West
Seguin, TX 78155

Coordinates: 29.55569, -97.98001629999999

5 comments on “Max Starcke Park – Seguin TX

  1. Wilton Woods

    Please add that the Recreation Building, shown center, now used for offices, was itself designed by Robert H.H. Hugman. It is a rare surviving example of his architectural work, besides the San Antonio River Walk that made him famous.

  2. Wilton Woods

    re Starcke Park Recreation Building

    Take a look at that book. It has dozens of candidates for your list. Srsly. With pictures. Author may be friendly about reproductions of the pix if he gets some credit somewhere.

    Add to your list, and note especially, the Seguin Municipal Building, by Lewis M. Wirtz, 1935.

    Guadalupe County Courthouse by Lewis M Wirtz and Harold Calhoun, 1936.

    Hope I’m helping and not driving you nuts. LOL.

    • Wilton,
      Thanks for the corrections & information. We always welcome that, so, no, you’re not driving us crazy.

  3. Does anyone know when the turtle and the man pushing the red car were put in Max Starcke Park?

  4. Eveline

    The low but wide dam forms a graceful S curve, a rare structure for a dam. It is a unique design on the Guadalupe River, and perhaps in Texas. The dam we see today was built as part of Max Starcke Park, designed by Robert Hugman, the father of the San Antonio River Walk. The dam/waterfall, like the rest of the original section of the park, was built by the National Youth Administration, to Hugman’s plans. The park was dedicated in 1938, the town’s centennial.

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