Mason Dixon Line Historical Marker – Marshall County WV

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One of many county line historical markers placed in West Virginia at the Wetzel/Marshall County Line.

The West Virginia historical marker program began in 1934 with the beginning research for the markers with the intention of placing markers around the state to encourage tourism. Dr. Roy Bird Cook, a Charleston druggist, a longtime commission member, and a vocational historian worked on the project.

Approximately 5,000 sites were collected with 440 markers selected by the commission for placement. Most of these along 44 state and federal highways.

The funds came from the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and the Works Progress Administration. In addition to the markers, a book of the 440 markers was published in a format easy to place in a glove box.

Source notes

Site Visit 13 July 2019.

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“First Historical Marker on Site of Capitol that Burned,” The Charleston Daily-Mail, 27 April 1937, p. 4.

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Project originally submitted by Ernest Everett Blevins on August 2, 2019.

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Location Info

West Virginia Route 2
West Virginia

Location notes: At the county line on the east side of WV 2 is the pole where the sign was located. It is near the original Mason-Dixon line marker which was moved there in 1931 from 450 east of the present location (the old road is to the east and clearly visible) Long/Lat: -80.823012 W 39.720550 N UTM 17N: (515169E, 4396756N)

Coordinates: 39.9115032, -80.7479151

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