Marquis Hall (UNT) – Denton TX


The University of North Texas’s Marquis Hall was constructed with federal Public Works Administration (P.W.A.) funds.

“As North Texas grew boarding houses were no longer adequate to accommodate the student population. Parents often requested a dormitory for women so they would not need to place their daughters in private homes. The first dormitory, Marquis Hall, was built with PWA funds in 1936. It was built to house 100 women and was located between Mulberry and Sycamore streets, near Avenue B. Plans for the dorm were started the year Dr. W. J. McConnell became president.  Unfortunately, President Marquis died soon after the construction for this dorm was begun. It was immediately decided that the dorm should bear his name. Mrs. McConnell planned, selected, and bought the furnishing for the new building. The structure had two large dining rooms, two banquet halls, a grill and a large reception room. Once complete some parents reversed their opinions and stated that they would rather place their daughters in a boarding house where the landlady could provide motherly attention.” (UNT)

“The government gave North Texas State Teacher’s College $210,000 to construct the living quarters, named Marquis Hall after the late president who had worked to procure the funds for the building.” Marquis Hall was dedicated on April 27, 1937.

Source notes

"Building the New Deal: Federal Construction on College Campuses in 1930s Texas," by Kaitlyn Waynen

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Location Info

1511 W Mulberry St.
Denton, TX 76203

Coordinates: 33.213183, -97.148948

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