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“Authorized by the California State Legislature in May 1939, the 35-A District Agricultural Association held its first annual county fair in Mariposa October 1939.” A couple of years later the Work Projects Administration made major improvements.

“WPA Project No. 165-1-08-292, Sponsor 35-A District Agricultural Association.”

“Description: Improve fairgrounds. Work includes constructing grandstand, exhibition buildings, barns, comfort station, concession hall, and office building; excavating; backfilling; roofing, painting; rehabilitating barns; installing water lines, tank, hydrants, plumbing, sewer and electric facilities; and performing carpentry, sheet metal, and incidental and appurtenant work. Publicly owned property.”

March 19, 1941, total Federal funds $72,092, average men employed 270, total federal and sponsor funds $142,742.

In inspecting the grounds, one is struck by the sheer amount of landscaping required due to the hilly nature of the location along with the prominent amount of rubble wall construction that is everywhere. The concrete in many locations is starting to crumble and loosen. The condition of the grounds is slightly dilapidated and worn out, notwithstanding the annual fair, but also the use of the facilities year round by numerous organizations and groups. This year alone, there are 38 events scheduled, ranging from rodeos, political events, high school football, agricultural exhibits, religion, gem shows, and many more.

Source notes

WPA job card, Fresno Public Library, San Joaquin Valley Heritage & Genealogy Center

Mariposa Fair: (, accessed February 15, 2018.

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on February 15, 2018.

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Location Info

5007 Fairgrounds Rd.
Mariposa, ca 95338

Coordinates: 37.465582, -119.94685400000003

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