Macomb Street NW Divorcement Sewers – Washington DC


In 1938, the Public Works Administration (PWA) allotted $47,870 for the Macomb Street Divorcement Sewers project. Two new sewer lines were installed in the area of Macomb Street and 38th Street NW, running southwest in the direction of Massachusetts Avenue for a length of about 5,000 linear feet (nearly one mile).

These divorcement sewers separated domestic sewage from storm water run-off (two products that had previously collected in a combined sewer line), allowing the sewage to be treated at the new Blue Plains facility and reducing pollution caused by periodic overflow during rain storms.

The divorcement sewer project was completed in early-to-mid 1939, just one of many New Deal-funded efforts to reduce pollution and odor problems in the nation’s capital.

The exact route and survival of these sewers is uncertain, and that is known only to the staff of the DC Water and Sewer Authority.

Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s

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Project originally submitted by Brent McKee on February 26, 2020.
Additional contributions by Richard A Walker.

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Location Info

Macomb St. NW
Washington, DC

Coordinates: 38.933486, -77.075916

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