Long Beach Junior College – Long Beach CA

Date: October 7, 2011

Formerly called Long Beach Junior College 'This project consists of three buildings, replacing the former school plant destroyed by earthquake in 1933. The upper illustration is of the physical-science building and the lower of the English building. The former is constructed of steel frame and studding, providing approximately 24,000 square feet of usable floor area; the latter is of wood frame and stucco, with 17,400 square feet of floor space.
The three buildings were completed in 1935. The language and social-science building is not shown. It has 20,700 square feet of floor area and is constructed of wood frame and stucco.
The buildings were erected at a construction cost of $206,477 and a project cost of $225,191.'

Living New Deal Mentioned in USA Today

The Living New Deal was mentioned in a USA Today story titled “10 places we wouldn’t have without the New Deal.” Susan Ives shared some of the New Deal’s most notable sites with travel writer Larry Bleiberg. Read more here.

Living New Deal and David W. Gates Jr. mentioned in the Daily Post

Photo credit: Ryan Trares

Author David W. Gates Jr., Living New Deal National Associate for the Midwest, and founder of Post Office Fans was interviewed by the Daily Post. The story mentioned the work of the Living New Deal, and focused on post office murals funded by the New Deal in Indiana, in particular, the Franklin Post Office mural. Read the full story here.

Gates has written has published two books about New Deal post office murals in Tennessee and Wisconsin. 

Gray Brechin Quoted in the Jacobin

Detail of a fresco by Victor Arnautoff at Coit Tower in San Francisco, California. Photo courtesy of the Jacobin. All Rights Reserved.

In a piece titled, “The New Deal Put Huge Numbers of Unemployed Artists to Work,” Ellen Engelstad writes about New Deal job programs and discusses New Deal art in San Francisco with Gray Brechin. Read more here