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The 1933 town report mention a C. W. A. Project for the town library, a beautiful classic brick structure built in 1888.
“The assistance for approximately twelve weeks of Miss Frances Busse and Miss Doris McMahan made it possible to accomplish some necessary work for which outside aid has been needed for some time.
The first project was the moving of the card catalog into a larger cabinet, the old one being outgrown, and in a dilapidated state. As the cards were put into the new case any errors in filing were corrected. The catalog of juvenile books still remains in the children’s room, and the space occupied by the remainder of the old filing cabinet will soon be converted into shelf room which is necessary for children books. Next, the music which has been received from several donors in the past, making it one of the best library collections in the state, was cataloged and shelved, so that now it is available to the public, and as accessible as the books.
The chief project was the cataloging of the books received from the Dr. Alfred Johnson Estate. Since their arrival in August many of the most wanted of them had been prepared for circulation, but the bulk of them still remained to be done. As yet the work is not entirely finished, but the classification is completed, and it is hoped that shortly all of the processes will be done and that the 826 books will be on the shelves. Other lesser tasks have also been performed during the time. There are still other improvements that could be made, and these helpers could be employed to good advantage in the Library for an indefinite period.”

Source notes

Municipal Activities - City of Belfast, Maine

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on August 30, 2017.

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106 High St.
Belfast, ME 04915

Coordinates: 44.425226, -69.005186

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