Lewiston Pumping Station and Lighting Plant – Auburn ME

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In 1873, the Legislature granted permission to the cities of Lewiston and Auburn to take water from Wilson Pond (later renamed Lake Auburn). In 1880, the pump house to supply water to the city was built. By 1933/35 the annual address by the mayor mentioned that the condition of the pump was resulting in the danger of loss of water for the city. In 1934, a FERA project allowed for the painting of the interior of the pump station. In the 1937 town report, the Mayor’s address noted “The modernization of the Pumping Station, with Federal assistance, was by far the largest project, and it will see completion by the end of September, of the present year. I have not heard anyone say that this was a needless investment, jeopardizing as it has, for a decade of years, the health of our families, and the safety of our homes and property. For this Lewiston will pay about $90,000 and, in less than twenty years, it will have paid for itself in savings.”

The accountants report has additional info: “Advances to Pumping Station Deposit of Pumping Station Fund. These items in the respective amounts of $6,592.74 and $3,407.26 or a total of $10,000.00 is the money borrowed for the Pumping Station on account of P.W.A. requirements and that liability of $10,000.00 is shown under the caption Notes Payable.”

According to the PWA list of completed non Federal projects, this was Docket #W1012 , the PWA grant was $102,600, construction began Sept 1937 and was completed in December 1938.

Source notes

Annual Municipal Report of Lewiston ME

Project originally submitted by Andrew Laverdiere on October 25, 2017.

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Lewiston Pumping Station
Auburn, ME

Location notes: 44.137694, -70.234503

Coordinates: 44.1349865, -70.23237940000001

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