Letchworth State Park – Castile NY


A site devoted to the history of the park (www.letchworthparkhistory.com) has compiled an extensive list of CCC work done in the park:

During the Great Depression, Letchworth Park was the site of several Civilian Conservation Camps. (See the Glimpse of the CCC) The information highlights the work done by the CCC “boys” in the Park, and is taken from Annual Reports of the Genesee State Park Commission during the time period.

Great Bend Camp SP-5 (in operation for 30 months)

  • constructed the camp
  • built 6 miles of 18 ft wide gravel road
  • installed 400 ft of 6″ under drain
  • constructed 15 concrete catch basins
  • cut 8 miles of 5′ tails with log bridges and log and stone steps
  • cleared 1,000 acres of currant and gooseberry plants to control White Pine Blister rust
  • cut and salvaged 50 acres of dead chestnut logs
  • cleared 100 forest acres of fire hazards
  • produced 40,000 ft of logs, 5,000 ft of guard rail and post, 40 power poles
  • installed 13,200 ft of electric and phone lines
  • constructed a 12,000 gallon reservoir at camp site
  • buried 10,000 ft of one and two inch water line
  • laid 1,000 ft of sewer pipe
  • initiated Lower Falls footpath bridge
  • built a log shelter (Parade Grounds)
  • erected 15 cabins, 4 comfort stations, and two lean-tos

Gibsonville Camp SP-17 (in operation for 49 months)

  • built camp
  • constructed main park road from Mt. Morris to Wolf Creek including drainage structures
  • operated one of Park quarries, producing gravel and stone tables
  • constructed “C” cabin area
  • built caretaker house for “C” cabins
  • forest improvement work
  • graded, seeded, and planted shoulders, right of ways and adjacent areas along park road.

St Helena Camp SP-37 (in operation for 24 months)

  • built camp
  • constructed 4700 ft of road in Gardeau and St. Helena areas
  • razed remaining structures at St. Helena
  • cut 15 miles of new trails with log and timber bridges
  • built a 52 car parking lot at St. Helena
  • laid 3000 ft of water line
  • erected comfort station, shelter, and water fountains
  • built 26 stone tables and 13 stone double fireplaces
  • constructed stone walls near picnic area along gorge
  • graded and planted main park road from Five Corners entrance to Lower Falls road

Lower Falls Camp SP-49 (in operation for 73 months)

  • built camp
  • constructed road from Main Park Road to Lower Falls Camp Area
  • established park entrance at Five Corners and worked on road north Gibsonville
  • built road in present high banks area
  • increased size of parking lot at Lower Falls
  • constructed parking lots at Wolf Creek, Eddy, and Tea Table areas with tables, fireplaces, and shelters
  • created a 100,000 gallon concrete reservoir to serve Middle Falls development
  • built an 80,000 gallon concrete reservoir to serve Lower Falls area
  • installed pump house and reservoir at the Gardeau area
  • put up five cabins, two shelters with fireplaces, and two shower and laundry buildings in B area
  • worked on drainage problems in the B area
  • improved trails from Lower Falls to Inspiration Point including steps and walls
  • erected walls in Wolf Creek and Tea Table picnic areas
  • finished Lower Falls bridge
  • constructed connecting trails to Lower Falls bridge on both sides of the River
  • cleared and marked five miles of ski trails
  • built a “warming hut” for skiers in the St. Helena area
  • ran nursery at Lower Falls for plantings in the Park
  • assisted with the Park saw mill


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Project originally submitted by The Living New Deal on March 5, 2015.
Additional contributions by Phyllis Wrynn, Park Slope Gallery, March 29, 2018.

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Location Info

1 Letchworth State Park
Castile, NY 14427

Coordinates: 42.629, -77.979

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