Lamar Terrace (demolished) – Memphis TN


Lamar Terrace was the second low-cost housing project for white families in Memphis. It contained 478 units, and cost $2,500,000. It was demolished in 2005.

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Source notes

Johnson, J., & Johnston, J. (March 18, 1996). Public Housing Projects in Memphis, Tennessee, 1936-1943. National Register of Historic Places nomination form. US Department of Interior: National Park Service.

"Shelby Housing to be Dedicated." (August 29, 1940). Kingsport Times, p. 8.

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Van West, C. (2001). Tennessee's New Deal Landscape: A Guidebook. Knoxville: University of Tennessee Press.

Project originally submitted by Susan Allen on December 27, 2014.

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Location Info

Southeast of Lamar and Camilla Streets
Memphis, TN 38104

Coordinates: 35.131765, -90.027049

19 comments on “Lamar Terrace (demolished) – Memphis TN

  1. lived there as a young boy with my mother and sisters in the 50’s [55-56] I remember it was next to a furniture factory.

  2. I lived there from 1961-1975 my name is Jerry Jones.

  3. Gene Griffin

    Lived there as a boy with my three sisters and younger brother.had to be late 40’s and early 50’s. seems like the VA hospital was close by and my mom worked there

  4. I live there from 1991to 1992 I liked my appartment I will like to try them again

  5. Liz Alderson Miller

    My mom, my older brother and myself lived there for several years in the 60’s. A big part of my childhood was there. A group of kids that played together from the building we lived in. We’d walk to this very small convenience store across the tracks for gum, candy. Boystown would send a small bus to pick up my brother and other boys. A woman named kat with her 5 sons lived several doors down. None of us knew we were in poor.

  6. Alex stein

    I’m 26 I lived there in the early 90s with my white dad and black mom got my first bike there.

  7. Gosh, we lived there in early 60’s.
    My Mom was Liz Murry, there were 5 kids, we fought with someone there every!!
    Donna Murry
    Buddy Murry
    Randy Murry
    Judy Murry
    Cindy Murry!
    My son found this site today as were having Mothers Day lunch and just asking questions
    about our childhood!

  8. Elvis lived in those.

  9. I lived there in 70s thru 80s
    The Gaydens

  10. Mike Harwell

    Hey there Jerry, This is Mike Harwell. I live there from 67-72. We used to run to Overton Park all the time. You know, we couldn’t play in our back yards and had to run out of LT before the gangs would catch us. Rob and kick our asses. We did a big dodge at a school on the way, through that maze of lockers underneath the bleachers. I think it was close to or part of that orphanage?? Hope you and yours are all doing well!!! Please let me know.

  11. Catherine Lucas

    My British mother and I lived there in 1954/55. I started school at Bruce Elementary. Didn’t realize we were underprivileged at the time and had lots of kids to play with.

  12. Tim Cunningham

    Lived there as a kid on Somerville street! Wasn’t a bad place !

  13. Larry G. Steele Jr.

    We lived on Camilla Street, that lead to this factory directly across the street from our apartment. I AM a writer/historian who consistently writes about the Lamar Terrace times!

  14. Jo Ann Dhuy Blalack

    I don’t think Elvis lived in the Lamar Terrace . I thought he lived in the Lauderdale Courts which was off Poplar Street in downtown Memphis. It is now close to the interstate 40 going across the River to Ark. May be wrong

  15. Tracey Williams

    My father, Ace (Arthur) Williams lived there after his father died with his mom and sister. It was in the early 1940’s.

  16. Johnny Perrigo

    I’m Johnny Perrigo and lived there during the late 60’s through the mid 70’s. I had 4 siblings; Brenda Perrigo, Donald Perrigo, Tina Perrigo and Jerry Perrigo. Family names that I remember living there are; Cunningham, Potter, Eubanks, Griffin, Bobbitt, Johnsons, Wilbanks, Brandons, Carsons and The Candy Lady. If any of you would like to contact me please do.

  17. robin murphy

    Hello – Does anyone remember John Murphy and his two brothers Arthur and Phillip both younger.
    Granny was Margaret and Pawpaw was Jack. I was there as a child to John (Johnny) in the early 70’s
    Granny and Pawpaw moved to the high rise. Pawpaw was a barber. I remember the fruit man coming around and we would by plums. I loved it!

  18. Jerry Jones

    Hi Mike its Jerry Jones give me a call sometime 714 702 2006. Always wondered what happened to you.

  19. Hi Johnny its Jerry Jones I knew the Candy Lady. Her name was Debbie, she was murdered. If you know anything about her please let me know. Her mother’s name is Norma

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