Lake Chabot Golf Course: Clubhouse – Oakland CA


The Works Progress Administration (WPA) built the club house at the Lake Chabot Municipal Golf Course in 1939-40, in conjunction with the City of Oakland Parks Department.

The Mission Revival style building is still intact, including most of the interior.  It has a lovely main hall with a bar and behind that, the Chabot Cafe.  The entrance hall has a closed-off fireplace and original tile work.  In front, there is a Mission-style breezeway with tiled floor.

Decorative stone walls line the road, both entry paths, and the practice putting green next to the clubhouse.

In 1939, the WPA was brought under the umbrella of the newly-formed Federal Works Agency and its name was altered to Works Projects Administration.

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Project originally submitted by Joan Greer on June 1, 2010.
Additional contributions by Richard A Walker.

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Location Info

11450 Golf Links Road
Oakland, CA 94605

Coordinates: 37.73935, -122.1192

2 comments on “Lake Chabot Golf Course: Clubhouse – Oakland CA

  1. Cindy Walker

    I am nosey, there is a weir or irrigation system built with rocks/bricks and a really big fire place with W.P.A. 1936 on the chimney and what would be an outhouse built over the stream/river bed. You have to hike through thick thorny bushes and walk in what feels like a river bed to get there. It sets between Lake Cabot and the Lake Cabot Golf Course. It seems to be a part of the park system, but no direct road/trail to reach it. Why was this built back in 1936 and what was it used for? It is very cool and I would love to learn the history behind the firepit, it is really big.

  2. The fireplace is what remains of Camp Chabot for Girls.
    From the comments on
    “It’s wonderful to stumble upon your mentions of Camp Chabot. I’ve been curious about what happened to the place I spent much enjoyable time camping at ages 9-11.
    One clarification: the stone fireplace and chimney was not part of a building or “lodge”. It was free-standing and campfires were conducted in a semicircle around it. The foundation–I suspect–was for “lodge’ on top and kitchen and dining hall underneath. Tent cabins were scattered across the gullies and hillsides. The road in and out lead past a playing field and swimming pool. I was guided in there by a golf course worker once. He alluded to the swimming pool but I didn’t find it. Next trip.
    The Chabot -Dunsmir trail seems like a wonderful enterprise. I’m looking forward to it.”

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