King City High School Auditorium – King City CA


“In 1937 construction was begun on the high school auditorium. It was to cost $179,000. Designed in a classic Greek rotunda rather than a traditional shape by famed architect Robert Stanton, it was completed in March of 1939.”

The auditorium, also known as the Robert Stanton Theater, is on the National Register of Historical Places, and was awarded with a 2005 Art Deco Preservation Award from the Art Deco Society of California.

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Project originally submitted by Peter Hiller on July 28, 2008.

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720 Broadway
King City, CA 93930

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Coordinates: 36.209391, -121.132253

2 comments on “King City High School Auditorium – King City CA

  1. Raye Ann Houx

    I am very interested in who actually owns the Stanton Theater; King City High School District or the City of King or both? The high school has nearly completed a new ag department which consumed the entire original parking lot to the right of the theater on Mildred Ave. Currently and with no plans in the fore seeable future, parking for the 983 seat grand auditorium/theater are limited to Mildred Ave and Broadway. I have counted all of the available parking spaces within a reasonable walking distance on Mildred and Broadway. I also included the only remaining available on campus parking lot at the farthest west end of the campus near the bus barns. This lot is over 2 city blocks away from the theater and includes the only 3 handicap spaces. There may be more planned but I have no knowledge of it at this time. Please advise. I will be going to the City of King with my concerns. I spoke to the district yesterday with absolutely no resolve. Thank you for your time. Raye Ann Houx

  2. Jeffrey Hinderscheid

    I agree 100% with, and want to echo Raye Ann’s comment above.

    My dealings with SMCJUHSD has shown me that while their intentions are good, they do not use the facility for its intended use and those who seek to do so are often left to felt like a nuisance. The City or at least the Arts should have full access and decision making power regarding this historic proscenium theater.
    It’s outrageous that custodians must open the doors for theater companies and do not know how to open the piano box or understand why the booth for lighting or sound is necessary. Again, this is not their fault, its just an inappropriate assignment of control for something others know much more about.

    Robert and Virginia Stanton would be perplexed at best.

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