Kendall Home for Children (demolished) – Miami FL


The Kendall Home for Children was constructed by FERA in 1935.

The home was later run by the Catholic Church and then by Dade County. Residents have since reported a history of child abuse at the site. By 2007, the buildings were demolished or in ruins.

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Location Info

Kendall Indian Hammocks Park
Miami, FL 33173

Location notes: Location approximate.

Coordinates: 25.694571, -80.3715694

8 comments on “Kendall Home for Children (demolished) – Miami FL

  1. Bobette Jaffee

    When taken over by county, wasn’t it a hospital?

  2. Craig Evans

    There was a hospital on the grounds. Today when you enter from 107th Ave. The hospital would have been on the right. I remember a woman, a Ms. Dial or Dale was in charge of the ‘Home’. I was sent there in the late 50’s and ran away one night and was never caught…

  3. Lived at home from 1959 – 1965. Then place in a foster home in west Hialeah. Never went through any abuse. My name is Samuel Solis. My older brother Ernie was in there as well. He was placed in Parkway.

  4. My brother ended up in boys Town after being in parkway I ended up in parkway with two other siblings and then I was fostered out into 13 foster homes and two group homes. People will never know how tough you had to be in order to get through this life. I am so glad that that part of my life is over with. My sister Sharon Davis also ended up in Kendall children’s home because she was very difficult..

  5. Margee Trimble

    My 3 siblings and I lived in Kendall home twice during our childhood after being abandoned by our father!
    The abuse was nothing more than Regiment and control. Being uncompliant was not tolerated! We were made to recite bible verses weekly!
    We were there in the Early fifty’s!
    Wish I knew more about it!
    All the records seem vague!

  6. I was one of the adults who tried to provide recreational opportunities for the dependent kids at Kendall in the mid-1960’s. I remember the Solis boys and wonder how the rest of those kids turned out. Mostly they were good kids whose families had fallen apart and they had nowhere to go. It was a miserable situation but the foster care programs often weren’t a whole lot better.

  7. Dede Poillon (brossett)

    I was in Kendall and parkway children’s home around 1969 to 1976. I started with my brothers in parkway and was moved to various children’s homes ; Kendall, Bethany. Circle c youth ranch

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