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The Kaysville City Hall was one of 226 New Deal buildings constructed in Utah. Of the 226, a total of five buildings were constructed in Davis County. The Kaysville City Hall is the only one of the five that is extant.

In November of 1940, Kaysville Mayor Thornley K. Swan announced construction of a $55,000 city hall building. In 1941, a bond election was held. Part of the project ($20,000) was paid for by WPA funds. After the United States entered World War II, PWA labor was reassigned to the Hill Field project and WPA funds were eliminated. Construction was recommenced in 1943 and emphasis was placed on use of part of the building as a health center allowing an additional $42,000 federal grant (Federal Works Project, E.P.A project) to finish the city hall and develop the health center. The building was finally completed in the fall of 1943 and put into use by early 1944.

The Kaysville City Hall is a long, one-story central-block-with-wings-type building in a PWA Moderne (Stripped Classical) style. The one story building is constructed of concrete, dressed with native stones of gray, rose and purple hues brought down from nearby canyons and laid in a random rubble pattern.

The Kaysville City Hall building was shared by the City offices (1934 – 1987), Davis County Health Department (1934 – 1963), and the Kaysville library (1962 – 2015). The City Hall building has sat empty since 2015. In late 2022 it sadly appeared to be used as a warehouse for city construction material.

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Location Info

44 N Main Street
Kaysville, UT unknown

Coordinates: 41.03557, -111.93817

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