Kanawha State Forest – Charleston WV


Kanawha State Forest—seven miles south of Charleston, West Virginia—offers 9,300 acres of nature and recreation. Activities in the park include camping, hiking, picnicking, horseback riding, and hunting & fishing. There is also a swimming pool, a shooting range, and playgrounds (see source #1 below).
These activities are possible, in part, due to the labor of the Civilian Conservation Corps, as pointed out by the West Virginia Humanities Council:
“The West Virginia Conservation Commission acquired 6,705 acres in Kanawha County for the creation of Kanawha State Forest. Redevelopment of the land, which had been heavily mined and timbered, began the next year by the Civilian Conservation Corps” (see source #2 below).

The Kanawha State Forest Foundation explains that the purpose of its existence is to “aid the mission of the West Virginia DNR and to extend the work of the original CCC laborers who are and were responsible for the existence of this wonderful resource” (see source #3 below).

Source notes

(1) Kanawha State Forest brochure, by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources, http://www.wvstateparks.com/Brochures/KanawhaStateForestBrochure.pdf, accessed March 10, 2013.  (2) “The week in West Virginia History,” by the West Virginia Humanities Council, Mineral Daily News Tribune, Sept. 15, 2012, pg. 6B.  (3) Kanawha State Forest Foundation, http://www.ksff.org/, accessed March 10, 2013.  

Project originally submitted by Brent McKee on March 10, 2013.

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Location Info

7500 Kanawha State Forest Dr
Charleston, WV 25314

Coordinates: 38.281527644882004, -81.64306377863772

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