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The John Gaston Hospital was constructed during the Great Depression in Memphis, Tennessee with the assistance of funds provided by the Public Works Administration (PWA). “With the Gaston inheritance, $300,000 from the city [of Memphis], $100,000 from the county [of Shelby], and a grant from the Public Works Administration, the Memphis City Hospital generated $800,000” (Regional One Health). The new Gaston Hospital was opened in 1936 to replace the Memphis General Hospital, and demolished in 1990 in order to expand the newer facilities of the Regional One Health Medical Center.

Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s
400000 400000 800000

Source notes

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Project originally submitted by Susan C. Allen on December 10, 2014.

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Location Info

no exact location known
Memphis, TN 38106

Coordinates: 35.140519, -90.033489

26 comments on “John Gaston Hospital – Memphis TN

  1. Monica M. Campbell

    I would like to find records of my stay and treatment for polio at the hospital sometime in 1954. I was told that I had to stay isolated for 14 days. Any information would be appreciated.

    • Gabriel Milner

      Can anyone help Monica out with this?

    • Mike Stewart

      I was in Isolation Hospital in 1952. Surprisingly little info online, but I am pretty sure it was separate building but part of John Gaston Hospital.

  2. Can I get a copy of my birth certificate directly from the hospital so that I do not have to pay the exorbitant fees being charged for trying to order one online from an online service? My name is Helen Carol Malone, born December 22, 1950. Thank you for your assistance.

    • Gabriel Milner

      For an answer to this question, you should contact City Hall in Memphis.

  3. Michelle Weed Jarnutowski

    I was born at John Gaston Hospital on August 3, 1971. Is there any way to get a copy of my records?

  4. David F Hearn

    I was born in Collerville tn in 1951, I have never had my birth cert, I need now to get social security, how do I go about getting it. I am told the home Doctors had to file their paper work at your hospital.
    I need to know who to call to get this info know who to call
    thank you

  5. I asked for my birth records from 1976 and they said they couldn’t find them. How can I get them?

  6. I was told I was born their in 58-59 hospital says theirs no record of me.i don’t exist
    Baverick laron Parham/scott
    Laron lee Williams

  7. Paula Williams Bumpas

    My Grandaddy William W. Williams was pt. At John Gaston somewhere around 1950 tru 1952 would like to see records of his hospital stay

  8. Charlene Watts

    To obtain records from John Gaston Hospital
    Please for all inquiries to:
    Memphis & Shelby County Health Dept
    814 Jefferson Avenue
    Memphis, TN

  9. Looking for hospital records for Mae Bell Seymour, in-patient at John Gaston Hospital somewhere between 1960-1963. Lived in Somrrville, TN, but temporary address may have been 1397 Pillow Street, Memphis, TN.

  10. mark clark

    I was born there 5-31-1956 Adopted out, Had 4 siblings very thankful of God to give me the best parents anyone could of had. Sometimes what most people want and think they deserve, is something that is at best the dream that you might to remember as a dream I was born Robert Eugene Sexton my birth mom Edna Lucille Blackburn/ Sexton. She was 33 years old at my birth, I was the fifth child she had all that can be said about that is she had fun and enjoyed what made her feel good There wasn’t a father mentioned

  11. Linda jordan

    My father, Arie Emmitt Huckabt, was a patient at John Gaskin in early 1960. As he is now dead, I would like to receive his records from his stay. I was so young, and no one in our family remains alive, I’d like to know his story.

  12. Sally Gillespie

    Does no one not know the street address of John Gaston? I worked there in 1970, Department of Neurosurgery, and witnessed things I could write a book about. Ah humanity.

  13. Elissa Cooper

    My mom was born at John Gaston back in 1964 or 65 and her name is Remonia Sloan-Johnson. She never met her real father whom we expect is a white man. Her name was spelled Ramona Johnson. She was born in October 11, 1965.

  14. I was born in John Gaston Hospital, 1948
    12lbs 9oz . The story was told, I went home
    My mother had to stay for 30 days. She’s
    94 today I’m 72 . Ya in those days it was all
    John Gaston Hospital.
    Thanks so much !

  15. Are the medical records for John Gaston from 1941 available for searching? I am interested in the birth of a still born baby there on July 15, 1941.

  16. Where do I find the records for Patricia Ann Jones, born 6-26-49 at JGH. Her mother was Allean Dotson (Featchurs). No father listed. Hoping to find information to locate his family for my mom, Patricia and my uncle, Marvin Jones.

  17. Faith McGlown

    Correction – Patricia Ann Jones was born in 1946 not 1949.

    Thank you.

  18. I have a small piece of History here. My dad worked for the Memphis F.D. He got an old light fixture out of the Hospital before it was torn down. Is there any place that has artifacts from that time era that would be interested in an old piece of Memphis History?

  19. Hi, my grandmother worked as a nurse many years ago. Is there a way to find out what years that she worked there? She’s died in 1980, however, I’m doing a genealogy search and would love find this information out. Thank you.

  20. Paul Williams

    My grandmother’s father who was a successful businessman/insurance agent in Memphis from 1910 till his death circa 1950. He acquired a decorative table lamp from the hospital that originally burned oil but had been converted to operate off electricity. Its very ornate and elegant. Does anyone know the significance of or anything about oil lamps that the hospital had used? I can’t imagine this lamp buring in a patient’s room. I’m just very curious about it. My family always called it the John Gaston lamp. I have inherited it now and would like to know something more than what I just described. Any help is appreciated.

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