Jewish Memorial Hospital (demolished) – New York NY


Jewish Memorial Hospital, no longer extant, was constructed with federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds during the 1930s. Located at the northeast corner of Broadway and 196th Street, the hospital closed in 1983 and the Art Deco facility has since been demolished.

Source notes

National Archives Record Group 135-SAR:
Prints: Photographs rejected for use in the Photographic Report to the President:
“Survey of the Architecture of Completed Projects of the PWA, 1939”;
Box 14: New York State; Folder 7.

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Location Info

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Broadway and 196th St.
New York, NY 10040

Coordinates: 40.860787, -73.930381

32 comments on “Jewish Memorial Hospital (demolished) – New York NY

  1. I was born in that hospital on 1976, it’s sad that now I found out that it’s structure is not even standing up.

    • It’s an Art School now, although the building was destroyed it was rebuilt in 1984 as the school that stands there today. I was born there in 1975.

      • Broderick Rosario

        I was born there in 1970 I was just looking at stuff with my wife

  2. Harry Turetsky

    I was born in that hospital in 1951

  3. My husband and I were both born there, 1952 & 1954. I remember seeing the building there and was fascinated by it’s shape. Sad that it’s closed and GONE.

  4. Vivian Carter

    My daughter was born there in 1974. Googled Jewish Memorial and found out today the hospital no longer exists. Sad.

  5. Howard Beaton

    I was born there in 1950, and my brother in 1952.

  6. I was born there in 1950. My parents, Holocaust refugees, lived on Fort Washington Ave. in Washington Heights.

  7. I was born in that hospital in 1965

  8. I was born there nov 5th 1965

  9. Janice W

    Both my brother and I were born there

  10. Janice W

    1965 1967

  11. Catherine Sharkey Steinberg

    I was born there August 10, 1955. My parents lived across the bridge in the Bronx.

  12. Deborah Gunning Sanchez

    I was born there June 30, 1953

  13. Barbara Pickard

    Does anyone know where the medical records, records of birth, might be archived?

  14. Lynn DeFranceso Risor

    Born there in 1962

  15. I was born there in 949

  16. I was born there in 1971, I still have my original photstat birth certificate.

  17. hello please i need help with the address of the hospital, because a try to look for my son birth certificate (born in 1970) in and the address New York, New York don’t correspond to the certificates for this hospital, in base in others website is Inwood, NY so which one is ?
    -New York
    please help…

  18. Bill Peters

    I was born there August 22, 1945 while my father was serving in the South Pacific on the USS Rutland.

  19. I was born there in1940.

  20. Robert Millstein

    I was born there in 1949. My father was a pediatrician on staff there from after WWII until he died.

  21. Karen Teitel

    I was born there on February 16, 1958. My parents had to drive over from Paramus, NJ in a blizzard.

  22. Judy Hellman

    It’s very moving to see all these posts. I was born there September 24th 1945.

  23. My father was born at Jewish Memorial in 1921. The hospital that was demolished on 196th and Broadway was built on that site in the1930’s.

    Does anyone know the location of the original site?

    Also, my husband was born at the last location on 12/31/1945.

  24. Al Heitzer

    The original site for Jewish Memorial Hospital stood on Bolton Road near Dyckman Street and the Hudson River. The Henry Hudson Parkway now runs through Bolton Road.

  25. Veronica

    I was born there on dec of 68 my mother lived across the bridge in the Bronx, Godwin terrace.

  26. Was there an earlier Jewish Memorial at another location? My mom is 93 and says she was born at JM in 1925.

  27. Charles Blum

    I was born in this hospital in 1938. I heard it was demolished and wondered if any records were available
    in any form for research.

  28. I was born there in March 1944. My dad was in the army during WWII (in India) when I was born. I thought they shut the hospital and made condos out of it. Lived for a couple of years in East New York and then a couple of years next to Parkchester until my dad came home and we moved into Stuyvesant Town. Glad there’s a school on that land. Just drove by 196 Street and Broadway today. Wish I knew what happened to the hospital when I lived in Inwood.

  29. It’s nice that the school currently on the site includes echos of the art deco architecture of the hospital.

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