Jewish Memorial Hospital (demolished) – New York NY


Jewish Memorial Hospital, no longer extant, was constructed with federal Public Works Administration (PWA) funds during the 1930s. Located at the northeast corner of Broadway and 196th Street, the hospital closed in 1983 and the Art Deco facility has since been demolished.

Source notes

National Archives Record Group 135-SAR:
Prints: Photographs rejected for use in the Photographic Report to the President:
“Survey of the Architecture of Completed Projects of the PWA, 1939”;
Box 14: New York State; Folder 7.

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on September 27, 2014.

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Location Info

Broadway and 196th St.
New York, NY 10040

Coordinates: 40.860787, -73.930381

107 comments on “Jewish Memorial Hospital (demolished) – New York NY

  1. I was born in that hospital on 1976, it’s sad that now I found out that it’s structure is not even standing up.

    • It’s an Art School now, although the building was destroyed it was rebuilt in 1984 as the school that stands there today. I was born there in 1975.

    • Me too. I was born there in 1965 & thought I’d look it up. So shocked to discover it’s gone.

  2. Harry Turetsky

    I was born in that hospital in 1951

  3. My husband and I were both born there, 1952 & 1954. I remember seeing the building there and was fascinated by it’s shape. Sad that it’s closed and GONE.

  4. Vivian Carter

    My daughter was born there in 1974. Googled Jewish Memorial and found out today the hospital no longer exists. Sad.

  5. Howard Beaton

    I was born there in 1950, and my brother in 1952.

  6. I was born there in 1950. My parents, Holocaust refugees, lived on Fort Washington Ave. in Washington Heights.

  7. I was born in that hospital in 1965

  8. I was born there nov 5th 1965

  9. Janice W

    Both my brother and I were born there

  10. Janice W

    1965 1967

  11. Catherine Sharkey Steinberg

    I was born there August 10, 1955. My parents lived across the bridge in the Bronx.

  12. Deborah Gunning Sanchez

    I was born there June 30, 1953

  13. Barbara Pickard

    Does anyone know where the medical records, records of birth, might be archived?

  14. Lynn DeFranceso Risor

    Born there in 1962

  15. I was born there in 949

  16. I was born there in 1971, I still have my original photstat birth certificate.

  17. hello please i need help with the address of the hospital, because a try to look for my son birth certificate (born in 1970) in and the address New York, New York don’t correspond to the certificates for this hospital, in base in others website is Inwood, NY so which one is ?
    -New York
    please help…

  18. Bill Peters

    I was born there August 22, 1945 while my father was serving in the South Pacific on the USS Rutland.

  19. I was born there in1940.

  20. Robert Millstein

    I was born there in 1949. My father was a pediatrician on staff there from after WWII until he died.

  21. Karen Teitel

    I was born there on February 16, 1958. My parents had to drive over from Paramus, NJ in a blizzard.

  22. Judy Hellman

    It’s very moving to see all these posts. I was born there September 24th 1945.

  23. My father was born at Jewish Memorial in 1921. The hospital that was demolished on 196th and Broadway was built on that site in the1930’s.

    Does anyone know the location of the original site?

    Also, my husband was born at the last location on 12/31/1945.

    • Al & Marilyn D'Antonio-Heitzer

      The original address was on Bolton Road in Inwood high above Dyckman Street where the northbound lanes of the Henry Hudson Parkway now run.

  24. Al Heitzer

    The original site for Jewish Memorial Hospital stood on Bolton Road near Dyckman Street and the Hudson River. The Henry Hudson Parkway now runs through Bolton Road.

  25. Veronica

    I was born there on dec of 68 my mother lived across the bridge in the Bronx, Godwin terrace.

  26. Was there an earlier Jewish Memorial at another location? My mom is 93 and says she was born at JM in 1925.

  27. Charles Blum

    I was born in this hospital in 1938. I heard it was demolished and wondered if any records were available
    in any form for research.

  28. I was born there in March 1944. My dad was in the army during WWII (in India) when I was born. I thought they shut the hospital and made condos out of it. Lived for a couple of years in East New York and then a couple of years next to Parkchester until my dad came home and we moved into Stuyvesant Town. Glad there’s a school on that land. Just drove by 196 Street and Broadway today. Wish I knew what happened to the hospital when I lived in Inwood.

  29. It’s nice that the school currently on the site includes echos of the art deco architecture of the hospital.

  30. Kathleen Sheehan

    As noted earlier my father was born at JM in 1921 and my husband in 1945. Are there any photos or info on the Jewish Memorial that was in operation in 1921? Thanks

  31. I was born there at 13th March 1975.

  32. I was born there 1967

  33. I was born there in 1958

  34. Laurie Pasick

    I was born there on 12/24/1949…

  35. Elizabeth Constance Paraskevas-Manuel

    My mother Catherine had me in March 15, 1946
    At 12:23 am my grandmother Cleopatra Haigoannou was with my mother because my father George Paraskevas didn’t want a girl so he left her soon after my birth my mother divorced him. To save embarrassment for himself he told family and friends my mother died at childbirth and he paid a home to bring me up. He went on and married again. My mom lived to be 94 and I enjoyed every second with her. I half half brothers and sisters but never met them. God bless you Mommie I was blessed to have you. I became a teacher and I had a little girl.

  36. Robin Hillary gerson

    I was born there August, 1963. Drive across the bridge from the Bronx on the grand concourse where we lived.

  37. Paul Cillik

    Me and my two brothers we were born there 1967&1968 and now after 50 years one of the students practicing there is my sons doctor

  38. I gave birth to my first son there in 1976 it was a good hospital and had a good experience there great staff and Doctors so sad

  39. I was born there and my mother was an X-ray tech there. I used to operate the elevators with the attendant and hangout in the phone operators room connecting calls by pulling wires into various sockets..

  40. LESTER T Van Steenburgh

    Born there on March 25 1946, lived no to far from there either. Then Mom & Dad moved to the suburbs, Bergenfield, NJ & my 2 brothers & I had a great life there. Then we grew up & moved away, live in SW Florida for past 18 years, lot to do, keeps my wife & I busy, Love it here.

  41. I was born there Dec. 5th, 1962. Still have the photostat copy of my birth certificate as well as my ankle bracelet I.D.

  42. Russell Mulford

    Born there, April ’73. My Grandfather was born in prior location on Bolton Rd in the 1920’s. Though we moved upstate in ’76, I still remember driving by the pile of rubble that became of Jewish Memorial on a visit to the city… must have been late ’83 or early ’84.

  43. Shelley Rio-Glick

    I was born there in July 1945. It’s nice to know I was a direct beneficiary of the New Deal.

  44. I was born at Jewish Memorial in Inwood on June 7th 1970

  45. I J Hijuelos

    I was Born there in April 9 1960…& was told it was a snowy day.
    Where does the time go???
    I lived in NYC till the late ’70. Moved to Bergen County & now live in LI.
    I feel I’m doing a big circle & hopefully will get a place in NYC one day, as that has always felt like home

  46. I was born there on October 12, 1945. My given name was Rosanne Barbara Goldman.
    My brother Billy was born there in July, 1947. My mom’s obstetrician was named Dr. Goodfriend.
    We lived in the Norwood section of the Bronx, 4 blocks from Montefiore Hospital.

  47. p.s.—Barbara Rosanne Goldman

    My husband Jeff was also born there on Nov. 5, 1943. Both our mother’s had the same obstetrician–Dr. Goodfriend.

    Jeff and his family lived on Minida St. in the Bronx.

  48. I was born there April 12, 1967 don’t know much about it decided to look it up today after had to order a copy of my birth certificate. I thought it had been demolished ages ago, how sad. Apparently only the finest people were born there.

  49. I was born at JM on Jan 5th, 1963. My mother, Katherine O’Connor was an ER nurse there and the doctors she worked with insisted that she have me there ( at JM ) My parents moved myself and my 5 siblings out of NYC up to the “country” in june of 1963 where they raised us up as proper country boys. I recently took one of my daughters on a tour of Manhattan where she is contemplating attending college. She wanted to know how I knew my way so well around NYC and Manhattan in particular. ” its easy” I said ” I was born here” and when we got home, I had the birth certificate to prove it. My Mother Katherine went on to work at Mahopac Hospital in Lake Mahopac, New York in 1963. Then worked at Putnam Hospital Center, and then taught Nursing at Putnam, Northern Westchester BOCES for 36 years passing on her knowledge to a thousand or so eager young nursing students!!

  50. Frank Roell

    We had a daughter and son born at JMH in 1955 an 1957. Our son was born on Christmas Day.
    I had emergency surgery at JMH on January 9, 1959. Saved my life.
    Watched a movie “Coogans Bluff” starring Clint Eastwood made in 1978. Near the end of the show
    Clint Eastwood is chasing a fugitive from the Cloisters down to Broadway in front of JMH.

  51. Grace Cano-Carrasco

    Wow! I hadn’t realized the hospital was demolished. I was born there in July of 1974.

  52. Steve Freedman

    I was born at Jewish Memorial Hospital on October 30, 1948. Lived at 1176 Sherman Ave until June, 1960 when the family moved to Los Angeles.

  53. Bill Yarrow

    I was born at that wonderful place on 30 July 1949. Next time I’m in the city, I’ll visit the site.

  54. Barbara H

    Regarding Jewish Memorial Hospital my four children were born there from November 1961 through January 1971.
    Sorry to hear that it had been demolished but that’s progress. Remember it well.

  55. Pat Medvecky

    I grew up in Washington Heights and attended George Washington High School in 1953. I knew the hospital because our family Doctor had privileges there. Very sad to find out it no longer exists. Also I found out that St. Elizabeths Hospital on 186thSt. and Ft. Washington Ave. is now condominiums. I was born in that hospital

  56. Jack Conway

    I was born there on June 14, 1952!

  57. My sisters & I were all born there, me in Dec 1965, my sister Dec 1967, & my sister in Jun 1972. I was a cool hospital. We grew up in the Bronx on University Ave. Nice to see all the great info here

  58. Mimi Black

    I was born there in 1944 but my mother, miriam orenstrat, died the next day. I was raised in Inweood by my aunt and uncle . I wish i had my mother’s memory.

  59. I was born there Nov 8,1970.

  60. Michael Maiman

    I was born at Jewish Memorial in 1951. I have a “Certificate of Birth” from the hospital (not the official government certificate) that shows the building, same photo as at the top of this web page, superimposed on the large “C” of “Certificate.” The certificate says that I am “a member of the Babies’ Alumni of the Jewish Memorial Hospital.” (Now in Sonora CA)

  61. Maria Guralewycz

    I was born there in 1974, my grandmother lived walking distance from there at the time. Not sure why it shut down but my mother still has her receipts from paying for her bed prior to labor, back then women had to pay ahead of time.

  62. I was born at Jewish Memorial Hospital December 4, 1947, birth certificate has no name. It took my parents two weeks to name me.

  63. James Hunt

    I was born at Jewish memorial on July 23, 1956.

  64. Stephanie Benjamin

    I was born at Jewish Memorial Hospital on September 29, 1952. Can’t believe it’s gone! I wonder if the records are anywhere. Would love to know the time of my birth. The birth certificate doesn’t have that info.

  65. Shapreme Harvin

    I was born at this hospital on New Years Day 1977

  66. I was born in 1977.
    Last baby girl born. Maternity ward closed the next day. I was also a teacher at the same very school that was build in place of the hospital.

  67. I was born two days later on January 3, 1977

  68. Susan Miles

    I’ve been moved to share personal info b/c of all the wonderful posts above. I was born at JMH on 11/1/1952. I always thought I was born in the Bronx as that’s where my family lived then. I googled the hospital now & to my surprise I see I was born in Manhattan – a much cooler place to have been born! I’ve never had my real birth certificate, but I do have a little 3×5 card with “Jewish Memorial Hospital New York” pre-printed on top & other vital stats of my birth. Those whose mother had Dr. Goodfriend as their doctor may find it humorous to know that I always thought the card was a joke b/c his name was written as two words, “Dr. Good Friend” & b/c my name was written as “Baby Girl Milewski” (no first name & our last name before they changed it to “Miles” a bit later.) I only recently asked my mother what the real name was of her doctor, & she was quite amused.

  69. I was born at Jewish Memorial on November 27, 1950. I’m the only member of my family born in Manhattan. The others were born in Brooklyn and the Bronx. I too, have the 3 x 5 card from the hospital marked Baby Girl.

  70. Ann Richards

    I was born in JMH in November 1961. Like many structures of that era man has seen fit to tear down and replace. Where is our history?

  71. Richard Aron

    I was born there in July of 1960.

  72. Ottmar Schneider

    I was born at Jewish Memorial in January 1940. My parents liked on Grand Avenue in the Bronx at the time.

  73. Karen delagera

    I was born ther july 4th 1962 mymsisterbin 1959

  74. Howard bader

    I was born at jmh on January 14 , 1949. My dad was head of metabolic diseases at the hospital. I spent many great days there while he was on rounds.

  75. Stefanie

    I was born at this hospital in October, of 1971.
    I wonder where the records were transferred to. This fact that the hospital was demolished is a little sad.

  76. Yesenia Castro

    I wasborn there in Sept of 1971.
    Sometimes miss NYC

  77. Thomas B

    I was born there Dec 1970

  78. My son Christopher was born in Jewish Memorial Hospital in 1971. So sad it’s not there anymore.

  79. Dr. W. Mangel

    My partner and I were the last 2 Podiatric Surgery residents at Jewish Memorial Hospital. It was a wonderful training hospital for us although we were only there less than 2 months when the hospital was forced to close. We both were able to continue and complete our trading at Brooklyn Jewish Hospital. What was most sad was one of the “main reasons “ for its losing Medicaid funding forcing the closure. The hospital ER was cited for waiting a day to give a patient a needed blood transfusion. While technically correct, what was not officially revealed was the person needing the blood came into the ER at 11:50pm and received the blood by 12:10am, (the next day) but only 20 minutes later once the required Type and Screen were performed to administer the proper blood type. This was the convenient excuse promulgated by the press and a very large hospital system just south of JMH in order to stop the funding due to such “terrible” abuses. It’s closure was a very sad day, placing a lot of people out of work and resulting in less availability of healthcare for Washington Heights.

  80. Julia Younce

    I was born there November 15, 1952

  81. When I was a student in Yeshiva U in 1974 I cut my hand on a Friday afternoon while shaking a glass bottle of orange juice over the sink in my dorm room. I was taken to Jewish Memorial to have it stictched up. The doctor promised me that I would be finished before the Sabbath – and I was.

  82. Honored to be among so many wonderful people also born at JM. I have obtained my birth certificate from the City but would like to get a copy of my record from the hospital. Anyone know where our records would be archived?

  83. I was born at JMH on March 8, 1962, delivered by Alan A. Freed, MD. I still have a photostat copy of the original birth certificate… Lots of great childhood memories growing up in Inwood!

  84. Lynn Novak

    Finally figured out where I was born in Manhattan on September 30, 1932. Mom told me that it was a Jewish hospital by the Hudson River.

  85. Luedecke, Hermann

    I was born there December 8., 1956.
    My parents were in New York for several years as emigrants from Germany, where I now live again.

  86. Larry Raboy

    I was born there in 1944. Too bad it wasn’t preserved as an historic site.

  87. Jeff Millstein

    My dad, Dr. Howard Millstein, was chief of pediatrics at JMH until his death in 1969.

  88. Kathleen Mavourneen Meehan

    I was born there Dec 28th 1958, Dr Kuhn (sp.?) delivered me, I misplaced my license and for the life of me can’t find my birth certificate. I ordered one on a web site, but kept telling me I needed a notary, they wanted hundreds of dollars, was trying vital records in NY but due to Covid was unable to actually speak to anyone on the phone, gonna keep trying!

  89. Marianne Gill

    I was born at JM, January 6, 1963.
    When I was four years old, my father, who worked for Texaco, was transferred to Houston, Texas. I have lived in Maui, Hawaii for many, many years.
    An emergency room Dr., here on Maui, was also born at JM, and told me several years ago that JM had been torn down
    Small world.
    I will be traveling to NYC with my daughter soon and want be able to show her the area I was born.
    So touching to read all the comments of everyone born at JM. One gentleman was born the day before me. Who knows, we were probably nursery mates.
    Stephen O’Connor, JM, January 5, 1963, do you think would recognize each other?😉

  90. Lynne Hanson

    I was born there in 1956. My parents lived in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Long Island and Florida. I have lived in England for the last 21 years. I’m not sure why I felt so sad when I learned JMH was no longer standing but I now wear a bracelet bearing the coordinates of the site.

  91. got interested in this for another reason. Born there in 1951, brother in 1954. apparently build in 1934 as a wpa project. but why such and active OB program with world class Columbia P&S almost as accessible? Same reason Beth Israel thrives in Boston, Jewish of StL is now part of BJC, Sinai of Baltimore a major affiliate of Hopkins, and many others. The acceptance of Jewish physicians as integral the faculty of the major universities came later but admission to medical school in substantial numbers preceded that. We’ve always been able to create our own institutions and enhance them with talent and dedication. Memorial is no more, but many others are now among the most highly prized residency appointments in America.

  92. Mcollins

    I was hoping to see where I was born next time in NY… was born there May 1971

  93. I was born there in 1961. I lived on Dongan Place until 1988. It was sad to see the hospital be a vacant building after 1983. My family and I escaped New York in 1988. One of the saddest sighs I ever saw was gates around the building. The destruction of that fine building had begun. it was not until we moved to Arizona I learned it was rebuilt into a school named after some artist from Santo Domingo. The temple I was Bar Mitzvah’d in was turned into a social hall. I have never been back to NY, and never will go back.

  94. I was born there September 1947 My parents lived in the Bronx on the Grand Concourse and 183 st.

  95. I was born there in 1957. Lived at 40 Sherman Ave. Parents moved “upstate” first to New City in Rockland County, then to Chester in Orange County. Parents retired then moved to Florida. Got sick of the humidity and moved to Arizona. So sad to see such a historical building not preserved. Such a shame.

  96. L. Guerra

    I was born at this hospital in 1954. Nice building. Wish I could visit, sad it was torn down..

  97. Wondering why Columbia or Mt.Sinai could have not incorporated it into their system.It was such a great building.

  98. I was born there May, 19 1976. My mom told me many years ago, it was demolished. It made me sad, still does every time I’m asked, where I was born.

  99. Just happened to look up photos of the hospital that i was born. April 29,1966. Wish i could be there to see the excitement of my parents when i arrived in this world. Lol !

  100. Barri Lewenthal

    My coworker at the phone company here in SoCal were both born there what a trip we both sat by each other I do not remember if it was around the same time 1962 I was born there

  101. Robert cohen

    I was born there in Jan of 1956

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