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Also known as the Log Cabin Literary Center, this rustic log building was constructed in 1939 utilizing the labor of the Civilian Conservation Corp. Each interior room is finished with indigenous Idaho lumber donated by the State’s timber companies. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The cabin is now used to support artistic and literary endeavors under the direction of The Cabin organization. A quote from their website explains:

“The City of Boise purchased the building from the state in 1992 and signed a long-term lease with the Log Cabin Literary Center in June 1996. Today, The Cabin is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Since 2000, The Cabin’s supporters and members have contributed over a half-million dollars for renovations and improvements to the building, creating reading and meeting rooms, classroom spaces, kitchen facilities, and other capital improvements to host its growing programs. A quiet capital campaign continues toward completing the new vision for the cabin, resulting in a unique, independent literary center for Idaho.”


Source notes

Idaho State Historic Preservation Office

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Location Info

801 S. Capitol Blvd.
Boise, ID 83702

Coordinates: 43.6095423, -116.20760540000003

2 comments on “Idaho State Forester’s Building – Boise ID

  1. David Klinger

    Boise’s “Cabin” is now at risk of eviction from its historic birthplace in order to create a walkway, outdoor pation, and view of the Boise River as part of a proposed $130 million downtown events center/library. The Boise City Council on November 27, 2018, voted in principal to remove “The Cabin” from its site and to relocate it to an as-yet unannounced site elsewhere in Boise. Historic preservationists in Boise have opposed this plan, which would cost an estimated $650,000 in taxpayer money to achieve the eviction. Additional information about this situation and regular updates are being posted on (key search words: “Boise Cabin”) as part of a larger petition drive to prevent this needless damge to local New Deal history and to a site that factors prominently in the early settlement of Boise during the Territorial era.

  2. David Klinger

    Boise, Idaho’s “Cabin” (the former Idaho State Forester’s Office) is now threatened with relocation off of its historic 1939 site. The CCC structure has been banished by the Boise City Council to make room for an outdoor patio as part of the City of Boise’s proposed downtown events center and library. As of July 2019, the proposed relocation site for “The Cabin” has yet to be announced. Regular updates about this issue are being posted on (search term: “Boise Cabin”).

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