Hollis-Area Street Improvements – Jamaica NY


The federal Work Projects Administration undertook a large road repair project starting in 1935 in the borough of Queens. The streets, many of which in New York City were still unpaved, were repaired; particular emphasis was placed on fixing washout-damaged stretches of road. Holes were filled in and the streets were smoothed, surfaced and reconditioned. Roads improved as part of this project (WPA Official Project No. 65-97-9) included block of 91st Avenue between 188th and 189th St. and 189th St. between 91st Ave. and Jamaica Ave.

This project is separate from a large, adjacent, Jamaica Avenue paving project that was undertaken by the WPA at the same time.

Source notes

National Archives RG 69: Records of the Work Projects Administration [WPA]; Project Files; New York City (E 407); box 684; roll 3642; Official Project No. 65-97-9.

Project originally submitted by Evan Kalish on August 21, 2014.

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Location Info

91st Ave. and 189th St.
Jamaica, NY

Coordinates: 40.712107, -73.770552

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