Hinchliffe Stadium Improvements – Paterson NJ


“Hinchliffe Stadium is a historic 10,000-seat municipal stadium in Paterson, built 1931–32 on a dramatic escarpment above Paterson’s National Historic Landmark Great Falls … It is one of only a handful of stadiums surviving nationally that once played host to significant Negro league baseball during America’s Jim Crow era. The stadium was designated a National Historic Landmark in March 2013 and a Paterson Historic Landmark in May 2013…

Many workers laid off from the mills found work under a New Deal-financed program to provide enhancements to the stadium in 1932–34.” (Wikipedia) [Note: The New Deal started in 1933.]

This huge stadium is in serious disrepair now, but still has that classic 1930s look to it. It is most significant for its important role in African American history.

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Project originally submitted by Alex Tarr on September 27, 2013.

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Location Info

Liberty St and Maple St
Paterson, NJ 07502

Coordinates: 40.91861420000001, -74.18266740000001

3 comments on “Hinchliffe Stadium Improvements – Paterson NJ

  1. That’s my website, of course, and there’s some info on the stadium there. But you might want to reference either website of the Friends of Hinchliffe Stadium ( OR to which we are slowly migrating!). It seems a little unfair that the Friends, authors of the original Register Nomination for the stadium (who worked so hard to get it national attention), should now be overlooked as an immediate source. The National Trust (lord bless them, really) learned everything they knew from us, and there was little the National Landmark study added to what we’d already published. So just a welcome tidbit of credit to the Friends would be nice.

    • Alex Tarr

      Flavia, thank you for the update and correction, we have added the credit and link to your site.
      I was in Paterson last year and very excited to learn about the history of stadium, and hope we can do are small part to help contribute to its preservation and restoration!

      • Thanks, Alex. It is really great to see your effort to preserve this big history in fine detail. Please add a link as well to the newer of the Friends’ websites: //www.thefriendsofhinchliffestadium.net>

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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