Hillcrest Park – Clovis NM


“In Clovis, the Curry County Court House is listed as one of the buildings built in 1936. Twila Ky Rutter, Grant Facilitator and Procurement Clerk, unable to locate a photograph of the building as it was originally, referred me to Don McAlavy, a local historian. He didn’t have the photo I was chasing but he gave me other valuable information: i.e., the sunken garden and the arch over Hillcrest Park as WPA projects. The City provided materials, much of which were found in the area, and WPA provided manpower. There are other evidences of WPA work in Clovis but remodeling and other uses have obscured them.”

-Phyllis Banks

Source notes

Banks, Phyllis Eileen. "WPA projects in Southern New Mexico windows to our past," 2003.

Flynn, Kathryn A., editor. Treasures on New Mexico Trails: discovery of New Deal art and architecture. New Mexico State Historic Preservation Division, 1995. 

"New Deal Sites in New Mexico," Atlas of Historic New Mexico Maps, New Mexico Humanities Council.

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Location Info

Sycamore St & E 10th St
Clovis, NM 88101

Location notes:

Coordinates: 34.4078533, -103.187680

One comment on “Hillcrest Park – Clovis NM

  1. Michael Goodman

    I remember visiting this park many times from 1955 to 1960. It was huge, with towering trees and expansive lawns. I was too young then to know anything about its WPA history, but as part of my family history, it was the scene of many family reunion picnics. We all loved the sunken rose gardens where we kids played tag running up and down along the terraces. I was shocked and saddened to see how the great park has been truncated over the years when I again visited Clovis ten years ago.

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