High School – Ruleville MS


Ruleville’s 1936 high school was completed as W1006 of the PWA program, with a $33,000 loan and $26,999 grant. The 2-story brick and tile school was approved September 25, 1935, and construction began in December. Architect E. L. Malvaney designed the 160×53 foot building with an 80×60 foot auditorium. It contained 18 classrooms. O. B. Douglass Construction Company received the bid for construction, Paine Heating and Tile plumbing and heating, and Stuart C. Irby Company did the electric wiring. The school was completed in August 1936. A grandstand with seating capacity of 300 and fence around the athletic grounds was finished in June 1936, funded by the WPA $1,145 and $150 by the Ruleville School Board. The building was destroyed by a fire of unknown origins in 1965. The bleachers were destroyed by fire in 1964.

Source notes

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Location Info

360 L F Packer Dr
Ruleville, MS 38771

Location notes: Exact location unknown.

Coordinates: 33.7275259, -90.5436899

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