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In 1936, Magnolia operated the Magnolia High School, constructed in 1908 at a cost of $25,000. It was still in use in 1936. Originally proposed as PWA W1264, a new high school was approved following condemnation of the old building by the State Department of Education. Community controversy centered around whether a new building should be erected or the old one repaired. The bond election to construct a new school partially funded by PWA failed twice. Another architect declared the school safe and repairable, and in 1938, the board selected Howard Ryan, Summit architect, to prepare remodeling and repair plans, authorizing $20,000. WPA project 20-653 was authorized in April 1938. Repair work began in June by a WPA work crew, and supervised by town engineer W. T. Claytor. The north entrance was demolished and a new one construction, along with extensive repairs. The high school grades moved into the old building in September 1938, and elementary grades moved into the recently enlarged primary building. The building remained in use until at least 1963.

Source notes

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Location Info

Myrtle Street
Magnolia, Mississippi 39652

Location notes: Exact location unknown.

Coordinates: 31.1474118, -90.4617111

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