Hattiesburg Homesteads – Hattiesburg MS


The Hattiesburg Homesteads was one of five “industrial communities” established in Mississippi as part of the Resettlement Administration, and was the smallest project in the state. Twenty four frame clapboard units were built at a cost of $3,152 per unit. Industrial communities were “…established for industrial workers and located in the outskirts of cities and large towns…” (Smith, p. 89).

Source notes

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Location Info

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Location notes: Location approximate. Exact location and current status of the facilities unknown.

Coordinates: 31.3271189, -89.2903392

3 comments on “Hattiesburg Homesteads – Hattiesburg MS

  1. Jeff kresge

    I stumbled across your website while researching WPA projects for our historic neighborhood Park haven here in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. This is a very cool idea. I have looked at the map and I doubt that the homestead would have been located at those coordinates. It would have put the homestead between the railroad tracks and the courthouse. This is in the business district and definitely not a place they would have put 26 units. I know some historians at the University of Southern Mississippi here in town and will do some looking around. Keep up the great work!

  2. There is a historic photo of one of these houses at the Library of Congress at https://www.loc.gov/pictures/resource/fsa.8b26691/

  3. Susan Allen

    According to the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, Historic Resources Inventory, the Hattiesburg Homesteads were located in the current Pinehills neighborhood, 31.29474524; -89.33481336. The architect was documented at Juan G. Landry and Builder/Contractor documented as W. L. Phillips. The original buildings were constructed 1934-1937. Per MDAH, some original buildings are still extant.

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