Hassler Health Home – Redwood City CA


This was originally a tuberculosis sanitarium.

New Deal workers constructed a: New kitchen and dining building, ward buildings (2), children's building, doctors' and nurses' residences, improved sewage system, new water tank and incinerator.

The sanitarium was purchased by the MROSD in 1983, however, and "two years later all the hospital buildings were torn down and the site is now being reclaimed by nature."
– http://wikimapia.org/958734/Hassler-Health-Home-site

Project Details

Federal Cost Local Cost Total Cost Project #'s
1027561 2396444

Source notes

National Archives and Records Administration, Box 420, Reel 5019-5020
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Location Info

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Edmonds Road
Redwood City, CA 94062

Location notes:
Lat/lon is at the end of Hassler Rd, in an area that looks like a demolished building site on the satellite images.

Coordinates: 37.476500, -122.289000

6 comments on “Hassler Health Home – Redwood City CA

  1. David Medina

    My brother in law and I took many pictures inside and out when it was abandoned in about 1981

  2. Christine B Williams

    My grandmother was a patient at Hassler’s and my mother’s step mother and father were employees of Hassler’s.
    My sisters and I are are gathering family history documents and would appreciate any leads to the patient history archives or employee archives during the time of the early 20’s through the mid 60’s.
    Any leads for research would be helpful.

    • Gabriel Milner

      Wish we could help but you may need to contact the Hassler Home directly.

  3. Christine b Williams- were you able to locate any records? I believe My grandmother was there for 5 years. I’ve been hoping to locate info.

  4. My father was a TB patient there around1948 for 6 months as a 17year old youth. He states that there was a missile site under the hospital ground on an underground rail system. Does anyone know more about this?

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