Harris High School (demolished) – Meridian MS

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Harris High School for African Americans was completed in 1938 with PWA funding that also constructed the Meridian High School, gymnasium, and vocational buildings. Harris High School was smaller and less elaborate than Meridian High School, and contained no additional buildings. The site is now occupied by T.J. Harris Upper Elementary School, and while some 1950s buildings remain, all of the PWA buildings have been demolished.

Source notes

Baughn, J., & Gatlin, W. M. (2013). Nomination form for Meridian High School, National Register of Historic Places.  National Park Service. United States Department of the Interior, section 8, pg. 17. 

T. J. Harris Senior High School. Mississippi Department of Archives and History. Historic Resources Inventory database.

Mississippi Report No. 5. Status of Completed non-Federal allotted projects. January 3, 1940, p. 105.

Project originally submitted by Susan Allen on September 13, 2016.

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Location Info

3951 12th Street
Meridian, Mississippi 39307

Coordinates: 32.368766, -88.718429

3 comments on “Harris High School (demolished) – Meridian MS

  1. Barbara Townsend

    I want to learn more of T.J Harris…the history

  2. Connie Thomas

    TJ Harris High School was the first Schooling’s the State of Mississippi to participate in the Rose Bowl Parade in the State of California under the direction of Mr. Oatis, and the band like the school was all Black.

  3. I would like to find someone who went during the years 1930 to 1944. My mother and aunt attended during that period. Also would like to know of any organizations affiliated.

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