Hamilton Field – Novato CA


Hamilton Field was built in 1931 as a bomber base, was used as a refugee center during the Vietnam War, and was closed in 1974. The WPA built additions such as several hangars, the headquarters building, an officers mess, and company officers quarters (Short 1939). Today Hamilton Field is in the process of being converted into a housing development by private developers. As of a 2003 document, the city of Novato writes that the hangars will be converted into office space, the officers club will be used as a conference center, and the airman's barracks (possibly the company officer's quarters) will be turned into affordable senior housing.

On January 4, 1939, the San Francisco Chronicle reported that "Virtual elimination of unemployment in Marin County was assured yesterday with announcement from Washington of the award of a contract for eight double sets of non-commissioned officers' quarters at Hamilton Field."

Source notes

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Location Info

500 Palm Dr
Novato, CA 94949

Location notes:

Coordinates: 38.057806, -122.518583

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