Haldeman-Hayes Crossing Community Center (formerly school) – Morehead KY


“Haldeman-Hayes Crossing Community Center inhabits the old Haldeman school gymnasium. The community of Haldeman is named for L.P. Haldeman, owner of the Kentucky Firebrick Company. Haldeman’s company took advantage of the local geology to mine clay to create firebrick that was exported across the nation. Haldeman valued education and built schools in the community for the children of his employees, expanding those schools as the community developed. In 1937 the Works Progress Administration (WPA) completed construction on a new stone school building, and completed the current gymnasium in 1938. The building served the community of Haldeman until December of 1993, when Rodburn Elementary School opened. The school had been a critical component of the community while it operated. After it closed a concerned group of citizens, many of whom had attended the school,
banded together in an effort to purchase the school building and develop it as a community center. In September 2007, before the group could purchase the building, the school burned leaving only the stone shell; however, the gymnasium was saved. The group purchased the structure in December 2007 and incorporated as the Haldeman-Hayes Crossing Community Center Foundation in 2008. Immediately the board members began the process of serving the community while refurbishing the gymnasium using all volunteer labor and in-kind donations.”

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Project originally submitted by Charles Swaney on March 19, 2015.

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Location Info

4399 Open Fork Rd.
Morehead, KY 40351

Coordinates: 38.243272, -83.323268

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