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The Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) was very active in Grand Canyon National Park from 1933 to 1942.  There were six CCC camps on the North Rim, South Rim and in the canyon itself. CCC enrollees built many of the recreation facilities still in use today, including important work on the trail system. They improved the main trails into the canyon, Bright Angel and Kaibab, and added trails in the inner canyon, as well.

On the South Rim, CCC company 819 widened the Bright Angel Trail, a project begun by the National Park Service in 1928 and finished by the CCC in 1939.  The CCC workers added several rustic rock and timber shelters on the trail at 1.5-mile, 3-mile, Indian Garden, and Pipe Creek, which are still in use.  

At the North Rim, CCC company 818 widened and improved the North Kaibab Trail. They added the Ribbon Falls Trail, a half-mile spur off the North Kaibab Trail, which leads to a waterfall. Even more ambitious was the nine-mile Clear Creek Trail (1933-36).  Company 818 also constructed buildings, fences, and roads, and even helped fight forest fires when called upon. 

The most daunting to build was the Colorado River Trail (1933-36) that connects the Bright Angel Trail to the South Kaibab Trail along the south side of the river. It is only two miles long, but had to be blasted out of solid granite and schist. 

Bright Angel Campground sits on the site of the CCC camp at Phantom Ranch, where the workers built the trail along the river. 


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Grand Canyon, AZ 86023

Coordinates: 36.1908, -112.0426

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