Geronimo Surrender Monument – San Simon AZ


“The Geronimo Surrender Monument commemorates the final surrender of the famous Chiricahua Apache Chief Geronimo and the last of his band to General Nelson A. Miles on September 4, 1886. That surrender marked the end of more than 20 years of warfare between the Chiricahua Apache and American settlers and the U.S. Army. Geronimo and his fighters, along with those Chiricahua already settled on the San Carlos Reservation, were forcibly removed to a prison camp in Florida. The monument was constructed by the City of Douglas on Highway 80, then the main east-west route, as a point of interest for automobile tourists. The actual surrender site is located eight miles southeast on Skeleton Canyon Rd. Materials and construction were funded by the Civil Works Administration, a relief program that provided employment for local unemployed laborers.”   (

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Geronimo Surrender Monument
San Simon, AZ 85632

Location notes: The monument is located off of Highway 80, northeast of Douglas. The closest town seems to be San Simon.

Coordinates: 31.695717, -109.128956

One comment on “Geronimo Surrender Monument – San Simon AZ

  1. Joseph Rollings

    Nearest town is Rodeo, New Mexico, about 8 or 10 miles to the north. San Simone is way the heck and gone to the west and on interstate 10, and Douglas is maybe 40 miles to the south.

    Of interest in the area is one of the last remaining one room schools in the southwest. Often, board members outnumber students. It is a long haul from here to anywhere there is a school, so it remains, in peril of being closed year after year. Known as “Apache school” and plenty written about it on the WWW.

    Enjoy your travels……Joe

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We welcome contributions of additional information on any New Deal project site.

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