Galveston State Psychopathic Hospital Improvements – Galveston TX


The Works Progress Administration completed improvements to the Galveston State Psychopathic Hospital Improvements in Galveston TX.

According to a Waxahachie Daily Light, 1938, federal funds sponsored the following improvements work at the Galveston State Psychopathic Hospital: “[i]mprove drives on grounds of Galveston State Psychopathic Hospital, and install drainage lines; Federal funds $2,027; sponsor’s funds $1,914; workers 33.”

According to the Asylum Projects database: “The Marvin Graves Building was constructed in 1931 as the State Psychopathic Hospital and enlarged in 1936. Although located on the UTMB campus, it was administered independently of the school. Because of heavy damage from a 1943 hurricane, the state vacated the building. It sat unoccupied and unrepaired until 1945, when the state legislature gave it to UTMB. Reopened as a university psychiatric facility, the structure was extensively remodeled in 1959 and updated again in 1979. The building was renamed in memory of Dr. Marvin L. Graves, who served as UTMB professor of medicine from 1905 to 1926 and who introduced psychiatry into the university’s curriculum. It currently houses classrooms and administrative offices.”

Source notes

Waxahachie Daily Light - 9/1/1938 (, accessed February 2020.

Digest of Public Welfare Provisions Under the Law of the State[s] By United States. Work Projects Administration, 1936, accessed accessed February 2020.

Asylum Projects (, accessed February 2020.

Project originally submitted by Eveline Evans on February 14, 2020.

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Location Info

301 University Blvd
Galveston, TX 77555

Coordinates: 29.3107498, -94.7758738

4 comments on “Galveston State Psychopathic Hospital Improvements – Galveston TX

  1. I was a patient in the Graves hospital in 1975. I was there for a short time and then admitted to the old Jennie Sealy hospital under the care of Dr Grace Jameson. The old Graves hospital was cold and very creepy. Today the site is the new Jennie Sealy hospital.

  2. The old Graves hospital is now an administration building with offices in it.

  3. Hollyce Taylor

    How would I find a certain person I believe was admitted to the psych hospital here in the 1930s or 1940s Looking for a great grandmother MINNIE H EVERS.

  4. Monique Scaling

    Good morning. I am looking for information on my grandmother Margie Jaunita Scaling. She had been admitted to your facility a couple of times by my grandfather before 1966, when he died.
    My grandmother was never admitted into another facility after my grandfather”s death. Our family is curious for our own families, children, and grandchildren.
    My grandmother passed away in 1995, all of her 3 children have also passed away, and we have no one to ask. Hopefully you all can help us.
    Thank you,
    Monique Scaling

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